Sunday, 16 October 2016

Strava Insights - 2016 Melbourne to Warrnambool Ride Names

 Nathan Elliott celebrates his victory (Con Chronis / Cycling Australia)

While looking at all the uploaded 'Melbourne to Warrnambool' rides via some Strava API tools I've whipped up, I had a chuckle at many of the ride names.... here they are.

How many can you spot that you know?

  • #M2W16  
  • #M2W2016. D Grade. 3rd Place.  
  • 0.73 Warnie  
  • 101st Melbourne to Warrnambool  
  • 200km chop off before a wild train appeared  
  • 2016 Melbourne To Warrnambool. 83rd Overall, 5th For C Grade. Hardest Day Ever With Megger Winds  
  • 2016 Melbourne to Warrnambool    
  • A Melb2Warny to forget  
  • Absolutely epic day Melbourne to Warrnambool 2016    
  • Chop off or drop off.  
  • I finished...... was the objective in the end  
  • In the Warny break again. Dropped from the Warny break, again. But still managed 28th #smallmercies  
  • M2W  
  • M2W - Master of my own demise  
  • M2W - that was one Epic & tough day! Super happy 2nd Woman!! & 200km champ!! Woot woot  
  • M2W 16  
  • M2W 2016, A puncture, 2 gears for 220k's and brutal winds.  
  • M2W Long day!  
  • M2W done & dusted. Great day, with much suffering. 27 yrs since the first, and I reckon it's time...  
  • M2W third female :)  
  • M2W ✔️ offie starts now.  
  • M2W-16  
  • M2W. Brutal.  
  • M2W16  
  • M2W16 - unbelievably hard day. Support crew on point.  
  • M2W2016  
  • Mel2Warny - windy AF  
  • Melb to Warrnambool  
  • Melb2Warnie 2016 - B gr 14th - 100th overall - Off time 7:45:57 - smashed in the crosswinds after...  
  • Melbourne - Warnambool  
  • Melbourne - Warrnambool  
  • Melbourne 2 Warrnambool  
  • Melbourne to Warnambool  
  • Melbourne to Warnambool DNF  
  • Melbourne to Warnie  
  • Melbourne to Warnie!!!!! RED KNOB up for the win!!!  
  • Melbourne to Warny. as the dutchys say, "Op de Kant"  
  • Melbourne to Warrnambool  
  • Melbourne to Warrnambool #NRS16  
  • Melbourne to Warrnambool - 1st Place :)  
  • Melbourne to Warrnambool - 23rd. Made the split with avanti but cooked at 200km  
  • Melbourne to Warrnambool 2016  
  • Melbourne to Warrnambool done  
  • Melbourne to Warrnambool in terrible winds  
  • Melbourne toWarrnie  
  • Melbourne-Warnambool 2016   
  • NRS  The Warny  W.I.N.D  
  • One big ride  
  • Ricky Bobby took a solid 3rd in B grade!!!! I took a spare rear wheel in the cross wind to Cressy...  
  • Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda, Didn't - M2W16  
  • The Longest Windiest Warnie!  
  • The warny. 9th. Absolutely cooked  
  • Warnie  
  • Warnie -31st  
  • Warnie. 1st. BOOM  
  • Warny 2016  
  • Warny- ideal conditions for a day of suffering.  
  • Warrny  
  • m2w who would have though Id pluck a podium in a road race in B grade  
  • m2w16  
  • melb to warnie  

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Power Meters: The Basics

What exactly is a strain gauge? How does it work? What are the challenges faced by power meter manufacturers? And what are they doing about accuracy now a lot of people have more than one power meter?

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Strain Gauge Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strain_gauge

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Friday, 30 September 2016

WAHOO KICKR: Basic Maintenance

Wahoo Kickr: Basic Maintenance

- Freehub service.
- Shim greasing.
- Drive belt inspection. (*Wahoo will supply at a cost if needed... )
- Optical sensor cleaning.

Covering a number of basic servicing procedures I do on a regular basis to keep out Wahoo Kickr trainers in good working order. My original Kickr is over three years old now and is still my go-to trainer for indoor workouts (Intervals, Zwift rides/races, etc).

I’ll do another video on advanced maintenance in the near future covering topics such as belt replacement/tensioning and power calibration.

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Friday, 16 September 2016

Eurobike 2016

Here's a three day video wrap of my recent visit to Eurobike in Germany. I was primarily there to meet with the trainer manufacturers and discuss their upcoming products, here's the footage of things between meetings and throughout the day. Enjoy! 

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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Smart Trainer Mains Power Usage

Some stats from mains power (W) for the three smart trainers I currently own.

- Wahoo Kickr
- Tacx Neo
- Elite QUBO Digital Smart B+

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