Monday, 18 June 2007

Xbox360, steps, shots, and more..

My xbox360 has arrived, and after forking out $$ for the 'extras' that are required I'm up and running. Project Gotham 3 is nice, but thats taken a back seat as Forza 2 is just out and I picked up a copy fro JB on Friday. Perfect timing for my few days rest off the bike. Add my gamertag to your friends list if you're on Xbox Live. Here is my gaming card... proving I'm a n00b:

Clearing the calendar of weekend rides meant I had to do something else. Something involving legs (quads) would be nice. I'd heard about these "1000 Steps" in the Dandenongs, so Von and I headed up there Sunday morning. Ever wondered about all the cars parked on the left at the bottom of the Devil's Elbow climb? Well they're all doing this walk, thats where it starts. Its officially called the "Kokoda Track Memorial Walk" for those Googling this page. We walked the first half, then I went nuts when we hit the steps. They're not the best steps around, lots of different sizes and up near the top they get really long, so you have to stride up them. The Polar recorded 266m vertical from the starting point (the arch). Now if you're out that way with an altimeter you'll know how far from the top you are.

I spent a few minutes at threshold HR, well, my bike threshold, so that was a good short effort. Topped off by coffee and pancakes at the Black Kettle Tea Rooms in Sassafras (the top of the 1:20 climb)

I woke this morning to news of a gunman on the run in the Melbourne CBD. Reports saying he'd killed one guy and wounded another two. The media went nuts all day. Reports now saying the guy who was killed came to the help of a woman who was being assaulted by the gunman. Hmmm. If ever there was a lesson in "turning a blind eye" this would be it. I guess you just don't expect someone in a scuffle to pull out a gun, but you can bet that if the same thing happened again tomorrow there would be less people willing to help. I am all for "help your fellow man" and all that, but ffs not for a bullet in the head. This reinforces the unfortunate trend of not getting involved.

I spotted a nice mobile phone on the bike path the other week - I double backed to check it was really a phone - yep - but then I rode on. It was a busy path, someone else would grab it and hopefully return it to the rightful owner. Thoughts of picking up the phone and trying to return it myself were dismissed when I just didn't want to get involved. Maybe it was a druggies phone? Or the last called number I would ring with it was a dealer? Meehhhh effort investment vs return = riding on. Apologies to the owner.

So the Australian government is banging on about providing a mega million $ broadband package to the country. Little Johnny was on the news standing in front of some telco equipment and spits out "errrr so how long does it take to download a movie with that". lol. That depends on how many seeds and peers the torrent has Johnny boy :) It looks like Optus and a few others are involved in the process, so fingers crossed we end up with cheaper data charges. There is no point rolling out high speed networks if we're all on 500MB caps. Internode has jacked their prices/plans in response to the surge in p2p (read: torrent) traffic from their users. We're still going backwards it seems - how long until the other providers do the same?

Cadel Evans takes 2nd place in the Dauphiné Libéré (the liberation of dolphins?) 14 seconds down on 1st place. Awesome work by Cadel, lets hope he can carry his success into the tour!

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