Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Is 'Astana' a swearword?

Everyone has their 2c on this issue, I'm no different, but I've got nothing more to add that hasn't already been said or thought about. Here is an SBS World News segment that I capped and uploaded tonight.

In other news.... PANCAKES!!! Buckwheat pancakes with fruit from the Black Kettle Tearooms at Sassafras. Turn right after the 1:20 climb, head up the road a few 100m, and its on the right. Best pancakes around, add a coffee and a 10% discount for cyclists - best ever! But... keeping them down while chasing cars down the hill is a whole new sport in itself! :)

Almost time to fly out for our OS holiday. Since I'll be off the bike for a while I've made an effort to 'overreach' my training this week... which means ride lots, ride hard, and smash the legs into the ground. Its working well, back-to-back-to-back hard training since Saturday and the legs are toasted. I'm sure there will be a few stair climbing intervals, hire bikes, and maybe spin classes to keep me active while OS - if I can find the time!

On the toy side of things: MTB has been sold. PowerTap is on order. Still looking at different track bike options. I saw an iPhone today, cool interface.

and last of all... some friends spotted on Clintons Rd yesterday...

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