Saturday, 11 August 2007

Amsterdam - Brussels - London

A quick one as I'm running out of dodgy Internet cafe time...

- Amsterdam was awesome, LOTS of bikes, millions of commuters.. only a handful of 'roadies'. Red light district was a crack up. Boat tour was good.

- Brussels waffles are awesome (we only had one each). The chocolate is really damn good. The city is NUTS to navigate around.

- In London now. Fixie riders everywhere.. the most _real_ roadies/cyclists we've seen to date in any city, which I wasn't expecting. The amount of tourists in London is crazy... its a bloody circus anywhere you go. Lucky we're just happy to hang out with a few friends and family and just enjoy the place. Being a real tourist here would cost some major $!!

- Heaps of pics taken.. can't wait to get them up on Flickr and storyboard them. I've got a few gems.

- American tourists... someone kill them all!

- London until Monday then onto Croatia for the family gathering. I'm looking forward to the swimming over there.

- I miss! No Disco? Vino's team mate done for doping?

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