Friday, 2 November 2007

Racing is GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of events leading up to Xmas and beyond, here are a few tales to tell.

I set a PB up the 1:20 last Saturday while taking part in the unofficial Hawthorn 'Weight for Age' handicap. Fastest time up with 14:36, and fastest time down (just) with 7:23. This put me 3rd overall after the adjustments were made and a protest lodged simply because I made the podium! :) Rob put together a great vid that shows me passing StuV in his newly earned 'World Champ' hoops jersey. Great editing!

Mt William is on next Saturday and as some sharpening work I'm hitting the Wednesday night crits. The first HCC crit for the '07/'08 summer was held last Wednesday which was a blast. My quick race summary was "putting out scary watts up that hill and watching the lead A grade group dwindle quick smart. A two man break with Luke (Specialized) added to the fun.... until we had whatever was left of A grade bridge back. I jumped on the front for the final lap and pulled Crebbin around the back of the course. I still managed to crank out a sprint but my job was done for the day.. finished 5th or 6th or something about 10m off the action... all good training!" Looking at the power data from the race, now I know why people either love or hate that course. This week, I loved it.

Today was RIP for my rear Mavic Cosmic deep dish wheel I was using for my TTing (and planning on using for the Coburg Crits). It had been a little out of true before the combine and ATTA time trials but I'd only just now had the time to fix it. Well fix it I did, reallll good. A spoke had pulled through the alloy rim which only became apparent once I'd started truing it. Game over, you're dead to me rear Cosmic, you're dead to me! I'll have to find a rear disc or something fast if I want to get a top 3 at Bright in the TT (M1).

On that topic. I had a long think about staying in Elite or moving to M1. I'll be much more competitive over M1/2/3 distances than I would in A grade Elite. So M1 it is. It'll also allow me to set a few different goals for next year at the nationals and state championships. Crits, combines, ATTA are still all mixed in mostly so there are no changes to my racing there... just hand out the hurt and make it look like I'm having fun! :)

My late birthday present finally arrived. A Specialized S-Works 2D helmet. I've stacked two Specialized Decibels and they held up well, so we'll see how this 222g featherweight holds up under pressure. Going from my 379g scone cover to this thing is a world of difference, can't hardly notice its on. Speaking of WeightWeenie goodness... I picked up another pair of Nike Poggio road shoes from eBay. These are the next model up from what I currently have so should be a few grams lighter. There's a hot tip - weight of shoes. They are rotating mass, so why do people not worry too much about 750g clogs when there are 500g beauties out there? Spin 250g at 110rpm for a while, its not insignificant. Anyhow, keep that under your hat, I can't be giving away all the secrets.... I bet the VIS has an eye on my blog... or at least one of their riders does! :)

If the weather holds out on Sunday I'll be hitting the track in support of Carl's (ABOC Cycle Coaching) Sprint Series. I'm keen to give these trackies a run around in circles. Looks like rain though.

My PowerTap is still having some teething problems but has worked flawlessly in my recent races. It is without a doubt the best training tool bar none. Analysing the data has brought to light a few techniques that I've been putting into play out on the road with great success (eg, my 1:20 PB!).

With my recent results and upcoming racing, I'm thinking of seeking proper sponsorship again. Maybe even a.... team!? Now I'm in M1 that could put a limiter on things, but if someone wants an honest racer out there flying the flag for them - and is willing to get behind me - I'm you're racing billboard/representative!! Most racing sponsorship is all about who you know, so if anyone reading this is in 'the know' please stand up, or forward my info onto someone who might be interested!

Its late, more early training tomorrow, stay upright, stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Shane you didn't understand the reason for the protest against the WFA results - it wasn't because you made the podium, we protested because you didn't win and give us more reason to hate you!!

Hope you can put the situation to rights at Mt William tomorrow. Good luck!