Sunday, 28 September 2008

Eastern Region ITT Championships 1:20 (Blackburn) - 28/09/2008

Eastern Region Time Trial at the 1:20 (The Basin to Sassafras) - 6.75kms @ 4.2%. Blackburn were welcoming other clubs outside of the eastern combine to enter for overall times/prizes so this ITT was in my calendar as a 'must do' in the lead up to the HCC WFA Handicap and the Doherty Tour later in the year.

I wasn't looking forward to this after my 30km ITT at the end of 90kms yesterday, but it was only 15 minutes of pain so it should be over quickly. As a championship event we were split into age classifications. I saw Peter Dennis at the registration so I was hoping they'd split M1/2 into a different category than M3, but it wasn't to be. Peter was 2nd to me on the stage 2 ITT at Bright last year by only 16 seconds, and took out the Hotham stage. He can ITT and climb!

My start time was near the end so there were a few riders up the road to chase. Pacing off the PowerTap I knew power range I had to hold. First five minutes were very good, and I was onto the false flat in no time. I'd passed thee or so riders already and someone was yelling something at me as I passed them on the "TT" section of the climb. I gave him 2m room and flew past him so it could have only been encouragement?... Slight head wind on the fast section meant the speed was down but the power numbers were still good. The last 2km mark is the hardest section as you have to get back into climbing mode quickly but save enough to reach the line in good shape. 1km to go is a blur leave it all on the road. 14:29 with average power of 393W. A PB in both watts and time up the 1:20. I was very happy with the output and the resulting time when I was still felling the effects of yesterday.

Another awesome result was Jono Lovelock winning Elite with a time of 13:55, the only rider to break the 14 minute mark on the day. Go Hawthorn (cycling club and footy club)!!

Official Results:
Masters 1/2/3

1 38 MILLER, Shane 14:29.93 Hawthorn Citizens Youth Club
2 102 SMITH, Phillip 14:34.41 Coburg Cycling Club Inc
3 72 DENNIS, Peter 14:57.31 Hawthorn Citizens Youth Club
4 12 KIRSCH, Stefan 15:24.62 Blackburn Cycling Club Inc
5 45 FRICKE, Harry 16:02.34 Hawthorn Citizens Youth Club
6 42 SAWFORD, Malcolm 16:14.87 Carnegie Caulfield CC
7 87 BISMANN, Andrew 16:19.78 Carnegie Caulfield CC
8 81 GROVES, Paul 17:02.28 Carnegie Caulfield CC
9 37 MCGRATH, Dominic 17:28.53 Blackburn Cycling Club Inc
10 29 DOMANGE, Arnaud 17:46.88 Carnegie Caulfield CC

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Jay Woo said...

Bloody ace!

Groover said...

Awesome result. Well done on both accounts. Sounds like your training is going well for Bright?

Shane Miller - GPLama said...

Hopefully I'll be in good shape for Bright. There are a few races between now and then that are high on the list to do well in.