Friday, 5 June 2009

Victorian Masters IRTT Series #1

In the lead up to this weekends three day tour (which twice as long as Tour of Bright!), I almost forgot to post this up. I came down with a slight touch of llama-flu on Wednesday and spent Saturday helping out at the KOM for the Northern Combine. I still wasn't 100% by Sunday, but I was still committed to riding the Wang ITT. All Wang accommodation was booked out, so we stayed the night in Shepparton. Very country, very flat roads, very happy not to stay there too long :). Went for a quick roll on Saturday afternoon and was chased by two large dogs on some remote road. I was planning on an out-and-back ride but the two dogs were standing in the middle of the road waiting for me to return, so thanks to the iPhone and Google Maps I found an alternative route back to town.

The Wang CC and CSV put on a great event on Sunday. ProTour level start ramp, good course marshaling, and spot-on timing. I ended up having a good ride and managed to pull off the win by only 5 seconds. Nothing in it. Less than a minute across the top 8 in A grade. No doubt there will be a shake-up next time now we've all raced the roads and know how close the competition is!

A Grade Results:

Men "A" Grade
1st 13 Shane Miller 27:08:21
2nd 4 Matthew Chessum 27:13:93
3rd 12 Tully Lyster 27:24:52
4th 8 Michael Day 27:33:58
5th 17 Stuart Vaughan 27:36:16
6th 18 Steven Young 27:47:82
7th 3 Nicholas Chadderton 27:54:68
8th 6 Roy Clark 28:03:05
9th 7 Tom Crebbin 28:22:93
10th 15 Glen Robinson 28:24:83

CSV Link
Lots of Photos


ash said...

I hope UCI dont look to enforce the 3:1 ruling on your middle fingers ;)


GPLama said...

ahhah! I just measured, they're 1:1, so I'm in the clear.

(Ash is referring to me flipping the 'friendly' bird to a fellow club member to put him off his game during the TT itself, and it worked!)

Buttsy said...

good pics, there is some serious bike bling on display and the TT helmets are way common....I wont feel like such a dork when I wear mine...I just need to find some form to go with it!

Buttsy said...

Just a quick addition - had an ITT on the weekend, see race report on the blog and I rode the Plasma for the first time in anger and I loved it. The gear levrs on the end of the bars are fantastic, I had on the Speed Demon helmet and considering injuries rode 17km in 26:32.....3rd in C grade in the Gippsland Tour and C grade was like "club B grade" it was a tough three days....but seriously love my Scott Plasma and I know the best is yet to come on it...