Thursday, 8 October 2009

Australian National Masters Road Cycling Championships 2009

Yet another TT. This time it was in Canberra, it was hilly, and it was the National Masters Road Cycling Championships! I hadn't really planned riding this until a few months back - up until then all the TTs we've done in the Victorian series and championships have been relatively flat. I kept on with my usual training until the Vic Masters TT champs were over then moved into some more hilly stuff to try and get myself ready for the nationals course.

We were in Canberra a few days early to scope out the course. Nice roads, shocker of a hill for the first 2kms, and some aggressive magpies to contend with. The course was more rolling than I thought. Not a single stretch longer than 500m or so before it kicked or turned - but the wind was the biggest factor. 25-30km/h head wind all the way out down the hill, then a nice fast tail wind home. Looking at the course profile the 'work' needed to be done on the return leg, factor in that wind and it changes that quick smart!

Race day was even windier and hotter. The SRM logged 25 degrees at the start, 29 at the turn around! I was off mid pack so I had a few riders to chase but I also had some stiff competition chasing me. Starting off in the small ring it was a 2km climb into the wind. I had my minute man in sight at the top and passed him 1km later. Head down and over the rolling hills and into the 35-40km/h energy sapping wind. At the turn point I was catching my 2min man but the rider chasing me also looked to be closing. The return leg was tough, even with the wind assistance. The heat was feeling extreme and kicking over the rolling hills was taking its toll. At the 14km mark the road went upwards at a more constant gradient. For some reason its much easier to punch out the power up a hill than on flat rolling roads - I had my 2min man well in sight as I hit the climb. This is where the work was done - I cranked up that hill not even feeling my legs, passing my 2min man and shooting down over the top towards the finish. The final 2kms were done at 57km/h, that included a right hand turn and a roundabout. I crossed the line at 64km/h. I wasn't too happy with the power numbers but the heart rate tells me that was all I had on that course (and in that heat!).

Despite having two electronic timing systems, they both failed. Thankfully they had a manual backup - but the results would be out the following day. I had a quick chat to a CA official telling him I'd come all this way for one event, was there anything he could do for me. He took me over to the timing HQ - a few minutes later he emerged and shook my hand and congratulated me - but I wasn't able to tell anyone until the official results were out. The time he quoted wasn't correct, so I spent that night stressing... had he mixed up my time?

Friday morning the results were up. Times were spot on with the SRM.... and.... I had won the Australian Masters 1 Road Time Trial title. I didn't believe it for a while, I didn't think my ride was good enough on the day. I guess everyone else had to face the same conditions. Lots to take away from that event, lots more room for improvement thats for sure! Next year the titles are in Ballarat, perfect! While I'm not technically allowed to wear any 'green and gold' hoops - I'm in the hunt for some Australian Champion socks. If anyone wants to dispute my right to wear them I'll refer them to this result! It's been a huge season for me, I think I've earned them. :)

Masters 1 Results:

Place Rider Name Affiliation Speed Time
1 4 Shane MILLER Hawthorn Citizens Youth Club 43.80 27:24.01
2 3 Stuart HARRINGTON Manly Warringah CC 43.11 27:50.12
3 7 Simon MCCARROLL Peloton Sports Inc. 42.55 28:11.95
4 6 Clinton AMBLE Hamilton Pine River Wheelers 40.71 29:28.41
5 2 Craig HIBBARD Randwick Botany CC 40.12 29:54.65
6 8 Jared MILLS Sutherland Shire CC 40.09 29:55.80
7 5 Ben HARRIS Parramatta CC 38.51 31:09.85
8 1 Scott PARSLOW Hunter District CC 38.46 31:11.87

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Buttsy said...

Well done, excellent effort....hey how did you feel about some of those "bloody fast" times in the other age groups.......and were you happy with your ride? I was a bit disappointed with my ride overall...yes I won a silver medal but my ride was not that good, I started on my big chain ring and didnt change until about the 2km mark so I made some fundamental errors there......I rode the last say 12-14kms well, but the first 6-8 my HR was everywhere I was unsettled and battling my own head.....not good....but a great lesson in it for me....Hopefully I can improve as I am riding Buninyong in January and just want to ride well and get my head right!

GPLama said...

There were some outstanding times in M2/3/4, and across the board. Thankfully those ex-pros who set the course alight were not in my category! :) Will be interesting next year when the home ground advantage plays into our hands!