Friday, 30 October 2009

Coburg CC National Boulevard Crit 24/10/09

There was a good turn out for the first of the summer crits at National Boulevard, but nobody wanted to step up and enter A grade except Kosdown riders! Seven or eight of us all up rolling around the first few laps wondering if it would be ok to attack our own team? Lindsy was the first one to try it on at about 25mins - and that opened up the flood gates! Every attack was chased down, every move was covered. Frustrating yet awesome at the same time to have the team working so well that nobody could move!

Into the final laps I attacked the bunch three times in one lap, but I still didn't get away! Ian was allowed to roll off the front before we were all back on his wheel a few 100m later. I tried to jump across and see if it split things up - nop - group still together when I reached him!

Into the last lap at 68mins and we didn't need to lead anyone out, so it was cat and mouse at 32km/h until somebody moved first. That someone was Ian. He launched at about 400m to go. I had to scramble across a few lengths to get onto his wheel, but once I was there I had a good sit and launch to the line. 200m to go and nobody had come around so I went for it. Kos and Jason were on my right and closing the gap - I manged to keep clear of them and hit the line at 61km/h, and it was a head wind! Personal best max power too, by 1 watt! I'm not a fan of sprinting but its a buzz when it all comes together.

A grade results:
1st Shane Miller
2nd Kos Samaras
3rd Jason Laird

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