Friday, 27 November 2009

Coburg CC National Boulevard Crit 21/11/09

The image on the left was taken from my Garmin, has an amazing amount of detail when zooming in! I'm loving the little device... I'm thinking of doing a blog post about it, but Garmin are not paying me to tell everyone to go buy their product... so that is on the backburner.

Anyhow - the race. Just a touch under 42km/h in the bunch... nothing that lit up the road. A good lot of attacks and luls in the race. I tried to get away a few times early on with Elliot and Steffers, but the sleepers in the bunch came out and chased hard. Once the break was away I assigned myself marking roles if the move was dangerous. Nothing like spotting a move, getting on the wheel, and just ticking over a big gear as the rider puts in a big effort in the wind. Usually I'll pull through for a hard turn if someone has put in an effort, but I chose to play it differently after being chased down a few times - revenge I'll call it! :)

Mid race we had a rider up the road with two others... then our chasing bunch had to stop due to a truck on the course. Very much like the train stop in Paris-Roubaix, but nothing like it. :) The three riders in the break had a good gap out of sight and held it for the remainder of the race.

Our sprinter was still in the bunch so we set him up for a shot at the bunch kick for 4th. I was planning on cranking the back straight, but ended up on the front early. On the front for the final 1.076km, *lots of* watts, 108rpm, 49.1km/h, 1min 19secs.... the final 20 seconds before I swung was 50.3km/h. That stopped anyone from trying to attack the bunch early on the final lap. I was toasted when I swung off, but it was awesome to see the Kosdown boys slingshot past me and up the road to successfully contest the bunch sprint.

Results for A/B Grade:

1st Nathan Elliot (Brunswick)
2nd David Holt (Hawthorn)
3rd Lindsay Tunbridge (Coburg)
4th Sam Liley (Coburg)

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