Monday, 8 February 2010

Coburg CC Time Trial 7th Feb 2010.

First time trial of the year! No breakaways, no sitting in, no excuses. We drove a lap of the circuit before finding a coffee and getting ready. Just over 16kms, starting with a downhill drag, a few kms slight up hill, then onto some rolling hills with one small 'burg. The final few kms were looking gentle until the 400m hill near the finish line that kicked up towards the top. Perfect wind conditions, a slight headwind out, making for a super-fast return trip.

This TT series is part of a three TT series event run by Coburg CC, with the last event being their TT club champs. Anyone can participate but the prizes go to the fastest Coburg rider times (along a few other prizes). I think its a good way to encourage their members to come out and TT without the worry of being beaten on the day by ring-in-'bike bling' from other clubs. :) Speaking of, it was Nathan Elliott (BWK), Martin Lama (BBN), and Me (Kosdown/HCC) who were the bringers of bling. For our troubles we were all set off at the rear of the field chasing each other. Martin @2mins, Elliott @1min and me off last.

2kms in I could still see Elliott up the road, and about this time my legs were protesting about racing yesterday and a sub-par warm up. "Shut up legs!" and the chase was on! I knew I was pulling Elliott in at the first turn about 4kms in but I didn't take note of the time gap. Up the long drag on the top of the course I could pace myself off Elliott in front, I could see when he crested the hill and when the downhill started about 15-20 seconds before I got there. At the turn south I was only 4 or 5 seconds off the catch. The speed through this section was 48km/h for 12 minutes so it took another minute or so to close the gap. When I did it was game on. We were soon on the little burg, 300m at about 8-9%. I knew Elliott would be pacing off me up this climb (I'd do the same if I was in that position, its a good way to get it over and done with and takes the focus off the pain)... so 80m from the top I gave him "the look" and attacked him. I wasn't on the rivet and would have kicked about there anyway, but I thought I'd play it up to get inside his head. It worked! heh, I'd opened a good gap and kept on cranking. Soon at the final turn I checked the gap I had pulled and it was still growing. There were a few riders up the road now coming into view so those were the next targets. The final few km were tough, ending with that 400m hill that got steeper and steeper and steeper... I was on the limit and sounding like a sick steam train as I crossed the line. 22:23 for 16.13km. 43.2km/h. Not bad considering the first leg was a slog. The numbers from the SRM were surprisingly good. If I can build on this throughout the year I'll be happy. First TT down, many more to come.

TT Results:
1. Shane Miller 22:23
2. Nathan Elliott 23:47
3. Martin Lama 24:05
4. Simon Welsh 25:11
5. Dave Younger 25:17
6. Jack Wood 25:53
7. Sam Lilley 26:10
8. Adrian Chew 27:26
9. Adam Katsonis 27:49
10. Jonno Mawer 28:29
11. Mina 29:23
12. Bob Ansell 33:24
13. Abbey Grave 34:36

Photos Here (my Facebook)

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