Thursday, 4 March 2010

Craigieburn Festival Crit - Feb 28th 2010

For the last day of summer it sure felt like the first day of winter. A freezing southerly along with grey skies greeted us at Yellowbox Drive, a newly created industrial estate carved from a sheep paddock.. (much like all the new housing estates out that way). The course was fast, flat, and had a few features such as a roundabout to navigate around, or over, it was optional. The weather was more suited to staying indoors and unfortunately the turnout reflected that. A number of regulars soon rolled in and were there to race regardless.

Only 7 starters in A grade. Lilley, Wood, Samaras, Miller, Kosdown was well represented. Doyle and McKenzie (Doom Posse). And a rider from Broadford/Seymour CC. We had to make a race of it so McKenzie worded up the officials that we wanted sprint laps - and it was so.

The first few laps were completed before the attacks started. Nobody was away for any length of time. At one point I was off the front with Doyle, I checked the race time, we'd be riding for 7mins30seconds... No way I wanted to work this hard again after yesterdays effort at National Boulevard so I drifted back to the bunch. A few laps later and Doyle had also rejoined the bunch. A number of attacks and still nothing getting away. I can't recall the order of the sprints - but McKenzie took one of them while dangling off the front of the bunch, Doyle taking sprint #2 with an acceleration that was matched by nobody. After the first sprint the Broadford/Seymour rider had dropped off the back and was hiding in B grade... six of us left.

At about the halfway mark I was mid pack and dropped the wheel of Samaras, opening a small gap, splitting the bunch in two, or letting them get away - however you want to describe it. :) Wood, Samaras, and Doyle were kept at about 10 seconds up the road for the next 20 minutes while Lilley, McKenzie and I rode tempo. I was happy to see Wood, a U19 rider, up the road with his team boss - Samaras. This would be a good opportunity for him to work hard in a break.. and that he did! In the final 10 minutes the three of them pulled away allowing Lilley and I to play some attacking games with McKenzie. McKenzie was out numbered but still joined in a good skills session with Lilley and I. :) Lilley would attack - McKenzie had to chase - I marked McKenzie. Repeat a few times, add some gutter action, and some shit talking, laughing, commentary (eg, "Now you counter and go solo, I'm spent!"). Even with the low numbers and a split bunch we still made a race out of it.

While we were cat-and-mousing for the prestigious and 4th place, the three up the road claimed line honors. Samaras leading out of the final corner into the wind, Doyle kicked clear of him and Wood to take the win. Wood a well deserved 2nd, Samaras 3rd. On our final lap Lilley made a final dash for the line and but had just run out of steam in the final 400m... the three of us slowed down to a snails pace. 4th place was going to be hotly contested! Into the final corner McKenzie had to watch both of us, so I flicked over to the other side of the road to make his task even more difficult. I kicked to the line and kept the two of them clear. Lilley jumped McKenzie for 5th.

Even with the small turnout in A grade we all enjoyed it, our faces were hurting from laughing just as much as our legs hurt from racing. Wood coming in 2nd was a highlight, and we all enjoyed the hit out and chance to race a little differently (sprint laps / dropping wheels hahah). :)

A Grade Results.
1st Rob Doyle (Doom Posse)
2nd Jack Wood (Kosdown)
3rd Kos Samaras (Kosdown)
4th Shane Miller (Kosodwn)
5th Sam Lilley (Kosdown)
6th Cam McKenzie (Doom Posse)

Intermediate Sprints:
2x Doyle
1x McKenzie

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doyletime said...

1st sprint i took solo, then waited for the bunch
2nd sprint Cam took solo, with salute, and we all sprinted pointlessly for 2nd
3rd I got in a sprint in the break