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2010 Australian Masters Track Championships - DISC (15th-18th April)

It is difficult to write up race reports for time trails at the track. The 'story' of the events is more about the preparation and end result, rather than the unfolding tactics like in a road race. Not a lot can happen over 1km for the TT, more can happen in 3,000m in the Pursuit - but its over in a flash!

Day 1: TT (or kilo for MMAS2 and MMAS1). On the new bike I'd set a benchmark of 1:08.021 at the State Omnium Championships a few days before the nationals. If I could match that time again I'd be happy. The Pursuit was the reason I took up the track - the 1km TT being a good warm-up event the day prior to the state championships and the nationals. Gate starts (or starting in general) is not my strong point, we get a more polite ramp start at road TTs. The first lap is over quickly and my vision was slowly fading by lap four. Time: 1:07.166. Gold medal and an Australian MMAS1 title for 2010!

MMAS1 TT Results:
1 Shane MILLER Hawthorn CC 53.60 1:07.166
2 Brett ROLLINSON Warragul CC 51.55 1:09.830
3 Riccardo ROSADONI Sturt C.C. 50.62 1:11.112
4 Brett HOLMES Kilkenny C.C. 48.81 1:13.758
5 Wayne GEBERT Coburg CC Inc 48.75 1:13.848
6 Ian MCGINLEY Coburg CC Inc 48.50 1:14.221
7 Martin TOBIN Wangaratta CC Inc 47.22 1:16.240
8 Craig KOUIMANIS South Coast C.C. 41.92 1:25.882

Lou Pascuzzi (MMAS2, Carnegie Caulfield CC) said to me when we were all lined up waiting for the medal presentations, "Awesome ride, but mate, your start was SO SHIT but you really brought it home!". A perfect and honest description of events! Thanks Lou! hahaha

Day 2: 3000m Pursuit.

Qualifying: I'm struggling to come up with anything to write for the qualifier... I could go on about the last five weeks of training, preparation, and focus put into this 3000m event - but that's a given, we all have to train to be competitive and 100% ready on the day. With the track-side assistance of Matilda Vaughan keeping me in check, I rode a 3:32.439 in the qualifier which put me in #1 spot, and on the front straight for the final.

1 Shane MILLER Hawthorn CC 50.84 3:32.439
2 Brett ROLLINSON Warragul CC Inc 48.96 3:40.571
3 Ian MCGINLEY Coburg CC Inc 47.36 3:48.033
4 Riccardo ROSADONI Sturt C.C. 46.65 3:51.510
5 Martin TOBIN Wangaratta CC Inc 44.87 4:00.674

Gold/Silver Final: The business end, and last event for the day. I'd kept an eye on the times of the other categories, comparing the finals vs their qualifying. Most were a second or two off their qualifying times. The MMAS1 final was a repeat of the state final four weeks ago, me vs Brett Rollinson. From reports it sounds like a carbon copy from the start of our previous race too. I was on schedule for the first six laps and soon had Brett in my sights as I came out of the bends, meaning I was at least 2-3 seconds up. I was going to peg the speed there and keep myself under control. Matilda was looking pleased with the pace I was on, the numbers on the board were good. I'd asked Von to stand track-side and scream at me regardless of where I was positioned in the race. While keeping an eye on the closing gap to Brett, I had Stuart Vaughan's advice replaying in my head "You do not need to catch your opponent". Two laps later Brett was only within a few bike lengths so I lifted my effort to catch and pass him. The gun fires at 2:42 into the race - I had the gold. I chose to keep going and set a time for the full distance. 3 laps to go on the front straight - nothing to lose, all out for another 750m. At 1 lap to go and Matilda had put the timing board away - it was replaced with screams of encouragement to finish the final lap giving it everything I had. Job done. 3:30.625. New MMAS1 Australian Championships and All Comers record by 1.365 seconds! This was also the fastest 3000m Pursuit at the championships - something we all aim for regardless of what category we're in. :)

MMAS1 3000m Pursuit Final Results:
Gold & Silver Medals
1 Shane MILLER Hawthorn CC 51.28 3:30.625
2 Brett ROLLINSON Warragul CC Inc

Bronze Medal
3 Ian MCGINLEY Coburg CC Inc 46.66 3:51.473
4 Riccardo ROSADONI Sturt C.C. 46.46 3:52.439

I've had a blast on the track over the last five weeks. Two national masters titles, two state masters titles, and my name in the record books to top it off! Now onto the fun part, thanking everyone who has been a part of this with me:

Matilda Vaughan - Rider manger extraordinaire. You kept me honest and in-check both on and off the track, for which I am extremely grateful. You're a big part of the gold medals I have from the track. Thank you!

Stuart Vaughan - Who has told me for a few years I'd do alright in track pursuit. The loaner bike for the state titles, the advice, and for believing that I could reach my goals on the track.

Carl Brewer - For the leg busting sprint drills up at Mt Hotham when I wanted to be climbing long hills. Getting us on DISC a few times prior to the nationals and smashing our legs.

Andy - Bits and pieces for the track bike at very short notice. Andy just happened to have a 51 tooth chain ring in stock, and a Sugino bottom bracket, and a track chain. All expertly installed by a track legend (check his bio here)

Bikes @ Brighton - For hooking me up with a super-slick 2010 Fuji Elite track frame set. THe frame is stiff, light, and if you pedal really hard, its fast!

Coburg/Kosdown - Big thanks for the guys at Coburg CC who let me race their track championships as my first attempt at a Pursuit. This sparked my interest in giving the state titles a shot. Kosdown for the ongoing sponsorship and the team boss who was happy to have one of the 'roadies' taking to the track for a few weeks.

CA/CSV/Volunteers - Yes, these guys too! Producing race results/timing/reports non stop for 4 full days of racing, that requires massive amounts of coordination. I located the official who dsq'ed me from the Omnium last week and we had a chat. Issue resolved. Special mention to the gate-starter for my pursuit final. After my rider he came all the way over to where I was sitting to congratulate me - he told me "It must have been the awesome start gate handler".

Von - Forever putting up with me.

Official Results: CSV
Official Photographs: Leanne Cole -

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