Tuesday, 27 July 2010

CCCC Phillip Island ITT July 24, 2010.

Penny Robinson in charge of things.
First time to the island on the bike for me, the place seems like a large go-cart track, not the massive wide open spaced track you see on TV.  Cool conditions, drying track, and unfortunately no wind. I'll link to the official report from CCCC for the details.  In short, 2nd place for me by only 13 seconds.  John Cain (TFM-Celtic) had a cracker and turned the tables on me for all the close calls we had last year.  I set a new power PB over 18kms by just over 8%, that includes road bike and hills too!  Without a doubt that was the hardest I've ever pushed pedals on a bike for that distance, so that alone is confirmation I'm back up to speed after my collarbone and pelvis breakage.

I'm confident we'll find those missing 13 seconds in the Monash Uni wind tunnel tomorrow, maybe more..... stay tuned! :)

A Grade:
1    John    Cain    CCCC    A    0:23:55.00    44.60
2    Shane    Miller    Hawthorn    A    0:24:08.00    44.20
3    Michael    Gallagher    CCCC    A    0:24:16.00    43.96
4    Martin    Lama    Blackburn    A    0:25:13.00    42.31
5    James    Henry    Warragul    A    0:26:04.00    40.93
6    Mal    Sawford    CCCC    A    0:26:11.00    40.74
7    Dean    Heathcote    St Kilda    A    0:26:18.00    40.56
8    Travers    Nuttall    CCCC    A    0:26:35.00    40.13

CCCC write up, pics, and results

Karen Munro's photos

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