Monday, 12 July 2010

CSV Lancefield ITT - 10th July 2010. Cancelled.

Eight weeks since my major stack.  The Lancefield TT was going to be a good way to gauge how my training is coming along. Lots of indoor sessions, a handful of rides outside, my power numbers are back - the only unknown was my race endurance.  A 30km ITT would test that!  Race entry done, number pinned on, warm up underway.  By this time the rain was flying sideways, I had my rain jacket over my head on the trainer trying to warm up, and a tree collapsed next to us due to the 70km/h+ wind. Hmmm! Some riders had already pulled out - and 5 minutes to go the officials cancelled the event.  No complaints from the riders, only sighs of relief. The conditions were really that bad! I contemplated heading out the road for a few km, but the rain just got heavier. We all headed to the coffee shop before heading home.

My injuries are mostly sorted, I've been assigned some boring as hell physio exercises for the hip, and have a bit of stiffness in my left shoulder when I sleep on it - but most importantly no ongoing niggles on the bike, even when cranking out some TT efforts at full power. 

We've got the State Clubs Team Time Trial this Sunday in Ballarat, it'll be my third year racing this event with HCC Masters Team #1.  CCCC have an ITT around Phillip Island on the 24th - so those two events should keep me busy.  I might sneak in a few laps at the Coburg CC crit this Saturday if the sun is out, otherwise it'll be more work on the indoor trainer.

I've got some wind tunnel testing lined up too.... hopefully we can squeeze a few free seconds by optimising my TT position.

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