Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Today. Tuesday Dec 14th. Just another day.

Not a race report, just a bunch of photos and junk from today riding around the Bellarine Peninsula.

Bells Beach at sunrise. Yes, Keanu Reeves *likes* this.

Peppers - The Sands - golf resort in Torquay.  All my clothes are stuffed behind the camera.

Almost rolling....sun is shining.

13th Beach at Barwon Heads. I think? Somewhere there.

Portarlington TT course! Love it!

The views I never saw in the TT with my head down.

Not quite Tour de France sunflowers - but close!

Perfect for time trials!

St Lennards - Lunch. Not healthy. Still nice.

A rare hill. I had to SE it with one hand after choosing the wrong gear, lots of traffic after I took this pic, and not enough free hands. Not fun.


Hello friend!

Not quite carbo reloading, but I finally gave in to the 40g of Grain Waves. I could have easily smashed a 170g pack, or three.

Ice bath.... and how cold was it......?

(sorry for the swears mum!)
Where I should have eaten dinner.... pizza cravings! Maybe tomorrow.

Midweek golfers - No such thing. This place is EMPTY!

Post the candy cane incident at the IGA - Back here watching the sunset.

ok.. now some random crap...

- The lady on reception at The Sands is nice, except for the part about locking me out of the place today after my ride.  I also think her make-up is equivalent to SPF 1000, I'll have to complement her on it.... or maybe not!

-  Lastminute and Wotif are a waste of time and money.  Turning up at the front desk I got a much better rate, so much for the Internets.

- Why do some places have now shower doors/screens? Its not arty, its dangerous! I somehow manage to get water meters away from the designated showering area... and I'm not resorting to wearing Croc's for my own safety.

- It is possible to get badly sunburnt even with a tan.  There is a point where cycling tan-lines cross over into the "wtf is wrong with you?" realm.  I am there.  Needs to be rectified.  I should have shouldered up to the dude in 'smugglers on the beach today getting a full body tan (minus the junk)?

- Dropping a few kgs after buying new $$+ jeans isn't ideal.  Anyone a size 32 in jeans?  Apparently I'm not anymore.  Christmas feasting will help.

- The roads around here have nice shoulders, mostly, it is well signed to "Share the Road" with cyclists on the sign.  I was given heaps of room by most cars, a lot more than around Melbourne.  I don't know if its the signage or open roads?

- Being 'pro' means you don't nod back.  I passed some too-cool guy in some euro team kit twice today has he was coming the other way - I got nothing!  C'mon buddy we'd both cracked out 2hrs by the second passing, pull your head out of your arse and at least smile.

- Trying to locate the protein bars in a new supermarket is a challenge I enjoy.  (Near the kids beach toys in IGA Torquay).


Last Dog Up The Hill said...

Samshing Llame. Smashing. What a splendid little adventure you're on!

Holiday Cottages in Torquay said...

The photos are great. I really enjoy watching them.

Buttsy said...

Nice to be getting in lot of flat riding, we are in merimbula.....not flat here.......nowhere!