Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Update is coming... but first.

Summed up perfectly in four minutes:


Buttsy said...

Good song.....hows the riding, we are riding the Tour of Bright this weekend, no real hopes for anything as training hgasnt been perfect, but I am riding and well life has been interesting with family crap of late.......anyway hope you are riding and riding well .....good to see an entry on the blogs, mine has been a bit vacant, nothing important to write, I am only riding the TOB for the ITT the rest is training and pain!

GPLama said...

I'll post up a whole November entry on here in a few days or so, lots to cover!

I didn't make the entry cut for ToB, and the weather didn't look very welcoming for a weekend up there spectating, so we're giving it a miss. I'll be keeping a close eye on the TT times online though. Good luck, race well, smash that TT, and I look forward to your race report!

Torquay holidays said...

I love surfing and I miss it. I love your post.