Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bunch ride signals in everyday life...

These are really helpful while riding with others.. but I've also caught myself using them off the bike too.
  •  While driving with someone else in the car, yellow light, gun it, I'll automatically say "Rolling!".
  • Walking on the footpath, pointing out obstacles and glass to whoever I'm walking with. Using similar hand signals as on the bike.
  • Warning of "Person back!", "Trolley Back", whatever is 'back' and approaching.... same for whatever is 'up'.

I've stopped short of yelling "ROLL!" while walking behind someone who is pulling a slow turn on the front, or swinging my elbow at someone walking right on my heals, but it'll happen sooner rather than later.

Does anyone else suffer from this?


PiledHigher said...

My girlfriend hates my bike back calls when walking the dog on the bike path.

And by the way what is up with lights up call in the bunch? It is not like there are lights coming at you from behind..

Neil Robinson said...

crossing the road with someone I automatically call cars as "car up".

Occupation - Cyclist said...

overtaking a car... STAY LEFT! HOLD YOUR LINE!