Thursday, 3 February 2011

HCC Kew Crits - Feb 2nd 2011.

16 riders in A last night, making it feel like a bunch for once. I'll summarise this one and get to some stats...

After 10 minutes of racing and a few dodgy wheel slides by riders on the hairpin, Peter Braunsteins (Apollo) attacked. Liam Dove (Cryodon Cycleworks) jumped across to him. I bridged across to make it three off the front. The bunch hovered in sight early on but never shut us down. The three of us worked turns for 15 minutes before Steve Pilson (Footscray) put in a monster effort to cross the 20 second gap alone, making four in the break. The intermediate sprint wasn't contested and Dove took the Winners Gels, but was soon off the back. Down to three again. Braunsteins, Pilson, and me. The three of us team time trialled for the rest of the race. At 'two to go' we could see the A grade bunch up the road. We had enough time to cat and mouse on the bell lap. Pilson attacked on the back straight, Braunsteins responded, I jumped on Braunsteins' wheel. Pilson hit the hairpin way too hot and ended up sliding out, ending his chances at the sprint. Braunsteins and I hesitated then when we saw he wasn't too bad (ie, not dead) we sprinted to the line. Braunsteins was quick to accelerate and I wasn't able to pull him back. The bunch did one less lap as we were closing in on them, so Pilson was still awarded 3rd on the night - well deserved given the work he did to get across, work in the break, and that he'd need some extra cash for bandages for the next week.

A Grade (16 riders, 40 minutes + 3 laps)
1. Peter Braunsteins (Hawthorn)
2. Shane Miller (Hawthorn)
3. Steve Pilson (Footscray)
4. Conor Murtagh (Brunswick)
1st Sprint: Liam Dove (Blackburn)
2nd Sprint: Kain Nunn (Hawthorn)

The Numbers:
PowerTap, Garmin 705, data from WKO. 33 laps.

The Hill:
21-22 seconds.
Average on front: 693W
Average power all laps: 631W
Best: 1053W

Back Straight:
~30 seconds.
Average on front: 434W
Average power all laps: 333W
Best: 469W

With my weight and wind drag that's what it took for my 2nd place last night from an early break. Your mileage will vary, a lot. There is no way I can replicate those numbers while training.


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