Friday, 4 March 2011

HCC Kew Crits - March 2nd 2011.

27 riders, one of the larger A grade turnouts for the season at Kew. Floris Goesinnen and Pat Dapac (both Drapac) were the only riders representing a professional team - the rest of us call it a hobby.... :)  From the start Conor Murtagh (Brunswick), Peter Braunsteins (Apollo), Goesinnen and myself tried to push the tempo and split the bunch. After 15 minutes nothing eventuated. The bunch was single file most of the time but nobody was dropping wheels, and everything was being shut down. A few short lived escape attempts were reeled in just before Goesinnen and Murtagh broke free.

At this point I wasn't going to chase. I was shagged from the repeated attacks/chases in the first part of the race. Braunsteins was in the same boat. If the other 20 or so guys wanted a chance at the win they'd have to get to the front and do something, to show some panache...  For the next 10 minutes we rolled around with a 39km/h average... not the typical A grade pace. The two escapees had the race wrapped up right there. Cam Clamp (HCC) ripped out a few trademark monster turns which helped, but nobody up the front wanted to continue his work. At the intermediate sprint lap Braunsteins and I moved back to the front and spent a number of laps trying to lift the pace. Two or three others soon joined in with the turns. Liam Dove (Croydon Cycleworks) had a crack at escaping from the chasing bunch but was soon brought back as the chase-pace was up. The two leaders were soon in sight as they took the hairpin corner, but our time had run out.

With 1st and 2nd gone it was a bunch battle for 3rd and 4th. Five laps to go Fraser Short (Italo) jumps and goes solo. Nobody responded to his attack. He spent two laps off the front and was looking strong. At '3 to go' I jump from 4th wheel up the hill and bridge across to him. If we could work some fast turns we'd be in for a chance at the minor places. I got across to Fraser just as he sits up - he was toast and waiting for the bunch. Bugger! I take off solo for a TT suicide mission. Two laps to go I was still clear, if the bunch hesitated I had a chance. On bell lap there was no hesitation from the bunch. A number of friendly faces on the front pulling everyone back to my wheel. 2.3km solo, a touch under 400W, and I was caught at 700m to go. Arh well, it was worth a shot. Michael Drapac was there watching again, so I did what I could to be noticed! But still no pro team call-up...  I'll have to polish the resume and get back into clothes containing no Lycra soon.

A Grade (27 riders, 40 minutes + 3 laps)
1. Floris Goesinnen (Drapac/Netherlands)
2. Conor Murtagh (Brunswick)
3. Aaron Salisbury (St Kilda)
4. Patrick Drapac (Carnegie-Caulfield)
Intermediate Sprint: Peter Braunsteins (Hawthorn)


Random Visuals:

Sony Center Nunawading. Not quite as busy as the Apple stores.... by a long shot.

Leo's Supermarket stepping up a notch in the Easter rip-off department.

Sticker spotted on a Holden. I don't get it. They HAVE one.

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