Saturday, 6 August 2011

Southern Vets CC give green light to MMAS1

Great news for MMAS1 aged riders.

The Cycling Australia affiliated Southern Vets CC recently held a vote on the topic of allowing MMAS1 riders (30-34) to compete in their events. With more 'for' than 'against', we're finally in! This brings Southern Vets CC into line recognising all UCI/CA/CV Masters age group categories. Note: Membership of Southern Vets CC is still restricted to Vets aged riders (M35+, W30+).

I've been a campaigner for the MMAS1 category since its introduction a few years back. Putting up with all the "Junior Masters", "Go race Elite", "MMAS2+ only" waffle and carry-on. In a sport full of 'because this is how it has always been' rules, this is a significant decision, and one I hope my emails, posts, and nagging has been a part of! :)

This opens up a whole new world of weekly racing throughout the whole year for MMAS1 riders. If that is you, or will be in the future, keep an eye on their race fixture at and get behind their events!

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