Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Ballarat Sebastopol CC 2011 TT Champs (Sept 10th 2011)

"Looks like it'll be cold and windy".... a spot on prediction from last week for the 2011 BSCC Time Trial Championships. I did a lap of the course before the race and the new SRM was reading a little low, either that or my legs were not up to the task... Visitors off first, so the final warm up was short and I was off chasing the two riders in front of me.

The first 2-3kms were straight into the head wind, with a slight drizzle. My minute man was caught and released at about 2km, two minute man caught at around 6km in. I was now chasing the course lead car, with its orange light flashing on the roof. Regardless of the obvious EVENT IN PROGRESS..... a ute pulled out from a side road chopping in front of me. I had to get off the TT bars and into some four letter words of encouragement. My HR jumped a little higher at that point. After working out where the accelerator was, they were soon up the road and out of the way and I was cranking along again without fear of putting my head into a rear tailgate.

On the final corner before the 7km stretch to the line there was a rattle coming from my TT bars. Arm pad loose? Clunk clunk. Nope, whole right TT bar was loose! Just as I hit the headwind, just when I need a good grip to keep the bike straight. It wasn't terminal so I pushed on it rather than pulled back and it didn't rattle around too much, and most importantly it didn't fall off. The SRM still reading way too low for the effort I was putting in...... Never mind, it hurt just like the rest so power didn't matter. 24:35 and average speed over 47km/h. The legs were up to the task!

Senior Top 10
*Shane Miller     00:24:35 47.65
*Andrew Weightman 00:26:48 43.71
Grant Gilbert     00:27:41 42.32 (BSCC Senior ITT Champion)
Michael Pierce    00:28:02 41.78
Sam Turley        00:28:07 41.64
Ben Clark         00:28:50 40.62
Sam Edwards       00:29:53 39.19
*Paul Ambry       00:30:03 38.98
Neville Bilney    00:30:59 37.81
Will Stewart      00:32:31 36.02

*Rider from visiting club
Full Results and club report HERE

Paulie calibrating his sun dial watch before the start

I was a minute faster than last year, and after having the SRM slope checked we found out it was out about 10%.... hmm... but good to have that problem sorted. Time trial #28 coming up this Saturday with Castlemaine CC at Harcourt, 5kms up a hill. No TT bike, no disc, no TT helmet. Going old school and as light as possible.

I've heard some of my creative material is getting a run as coursework.... really? Apologies to anyone subjected to this, it isn't really how you should race. Always attack and never look back!

A controlled diet today means I'm back to RMIT tomorrow for another lab session...... another hour of unknown power (we're not allowed to see the numbers).

Random Visual

Bakery name lol.

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