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YarraTri ITT 2011 Round #2 - Richmond. October 23rd, 2011.

Huge numbers for round #2 of the 2011 YarraTri ITT/TTT series. The word is getting around that these guys put on a good show. Of the 92 on the ITT start list, 72 set a time, a pretty good turnout considering the time slot is up against both Glenvale and StKilda crits. As an event run by a tri club, on show were some non UCI legal setups and Giro Selector TT helmets that we road TTers are not allowed to play with.

This was my 32nd road TT for the year. After 45km solo off the front at the HCC Road Champs the day before, I wasn't sure if I'd be quick enough to nudge the course record. My minute man was Boyd Friis (TFM-Celtic) who was also on toasted legs after racing the Keith Esson Memorial Shepparton Classic the day before. My two minute man was a no show, and Stephen Lane (Kosdown) was my three minute man.... he's now back up to speed post his BawBaw off earlier in the year, so the three minute gap would be safe.
Stephen Lane - Ready to rip into the 25kms.

Waiting.... waiting... oh, and Aussie Champ hoops on the new skinsuit! 

More waiting... 

I put my head down and ticked over the laps, and dodged someones massive road-covering-chuck on the final lap. It ended up a pretty good ride, 33:26, shaving 23 seconds off the time I set back in May. Age group win and fastest time of the day.

Top 10 Overall: 

1  Miller, Shane      6:35.6  6:38.8  6:45.0  6:44.9  6:41.8   33:26.33 
2  Lane, Stephen      6:48.6  6:55.7  7:03.5  7:03.5  7:09.2   35:00.66 
3  Cooper, Mitch      6:50.4  7:02.4  7:13.2  7:04.9  7:02.0   35:12.99 
4  Lama, Martin       6:55.6  7:01.4  7:01.0  7:11.9  7:11.1   35:21.31 
5  Donnelly, Gerrad   7:10.4  7:11.1  7:09.5  7:14.0  7:09.9   35:55.11 
6  Van slobbe, Andy   7:15.1  7:11.6  7:16.3  7:11.6  7:01.3   35:56.15 
7  Grainger, Nick     7:06.6  7:12.8  7:19.0  7:21.7  7:14.0   36:14.44 
8  Walkington, Marcel 7:12.1  7:23.0  7:22.5  7:14.2  7:01.5   36:13.59 
9  Thompson, Stephen  7:13.3  7:12.6  7:22.9  7:19.6  7:13.0   36:21.63 
10 Friis, Boyd        7:10.0  7:11.6  7:20.2  7:25.5  7:17.1   36:24.71 

Kosdown 1-2! After setting a goal of winning 10, that was my 30th road TT win for the year. It looks like the next TT will be a club TT with the Alpine CC on the Tour of Bright TT course this Monday. Then the only TT left will be Stage 2 at the Tour of Bright.... can't wait for that one.

The post race showbag was as good as always. A drink, protein bar, gel, City of Yarra towel, vouchers (and another mens hair voucher that is looking pretty safe). I kept clear of the free BBQ but helped myself to a few serves (handfuls) of free lollies. 

M31-40 Podium. 1st Me. 2nd Stephen Lane. 3rd Handy Van (getting his rub on).

YarraTri Race Report: PDF Link
YarraTri Pics: HERE
Full Results / Age Categories: Your-Sports Timing Link

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