Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 - Year in Numbers....

Final kms of 2011 - Falls Creek.
2011. Gone! Finished with 660km in the last week to nail the Rapha 500 Challenge. The Christmas pudding calorie stacking was put to very good use.

A pretty successful year on the bike. I've just rolled in from my last ride of the year here at Falls Creek. I'm happy to report zero broken bones for 2011....unless I attempt to hang some New Years decorations up and take a swan dive Molly Meldrum style.  

A full run-down of race results can be found ^ up there under Cycling Bio. The ups, downs, highlights, and failures have been all documented in previous posts - so I'll keep this one short and interesting... maybe.

Total Races: 80
Road: 13
Crit: 23
Time Trials: 35
Track Events: 9

Hours: 562
Kms: 15,850
Calories: 377,036 (over 1,000 cheeseburgers!)

Podiums: 64
Wins: 54

TT Stats:
Total: 35
Podiums: 34
Wins: 33
TT Race kms: 764kms

I set out to win at least 10 TTs this year. I revised that to 20 pretty early in the season. Then I raced every TT I could get to. My power was pretty consistent for the whole year. Changes in equipment and better pacing were probably key factor for most results.

New Power PBs all around....

Max: 1465
10sec: 1249
30sec: 931
1min: 726
5mins: 465
10mins: 409
20mins: 392

All benchmarks to improve on for 2012. (Figures are average, not normalised.)

Clubs Competed With:

Alpine CC
Ballarat CC
Blackburn CC
Carnegie Caulfield CC
Castlemaine CC
Coburg CC
Cycling Australia
Cycling South Australia
Cycling Victoria
Footscray CC
Geelong CC
Hawthorn CC
Horsham Tri
Northern Combine
Southern Vets CC
StKilda CC
Wangaratta CC
Warragul CC
Yarra Tri
Sunbury CC

Blog Stats:

Visits: 13,759
Pageviews: 21,147

2012 - A new club, new goals, new races, and a new job. There is a lot happening in the world of IT security, so I'm keen to get back into it. After being horrified at someone assuming I worked in the cycling industry this weekend, I need to make it clear, never have been / never will be! enquire within!

Now - NYE time.... and a 7am start tomorrow for a hilly 140km.

Job done. See you next year!

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Faizel said...

Thanks for posting your power benchmark numbers. I am some way behind you, and view your numbers as good indicators for my own performance development