Monday, 29 April 2013

The Legend of the Lollies - Seymour Broadford CC.

Seymour Broadford CC usually hold a raffle after every race to raise money for the club. Members donate items from their work place to add to the raffle table. One of the boys walks around post race with a raffle ticket book while members dig into their pockets for loose change. The item that caught my eye at my first race with SBCC was the 'kilo of lollies' from the local Allen's Lollies Factory. Sure, I could just buy a kilo of lollies from anywhere, but these are something else. They are the freshest, chewiest, best lollies you'll ever taste. You might even spend $30 over a year trying to win them. You might end up with a pair of socks, 10m of garden hose, or an umbrella. All valued items, but nothing compares to the lollies.

I've had a few wins out at SBCC but the most memorable was at the SBCC Christmas raffle last year right after their 16km ITT event. My number came out and the lollies were still on the table to be selected! Oh yeah!

Last month Stephen Lane called me on his drive back down the Hume from a Tuesday night TT with SBCC. He'd won the event but was more keen on telling me what else he'd won in the raffle - and he got the lollies! Win win!

On the weekend at the Tour of the South West, when Shayne Kirby (SBCC) found out Von was in hospital after crashing out, he reached into his car and pulled out one of these magical 'kilo of lollies' to give to her. It was only a bag of lollies, not much in the scheme of things. It meant the world to her when she got them. She wasn't in a good way, but her eyes lit up! She knows the legend of the lollies. It made her day. On her birthday too.

Thanks Kirbs - You're a legend.

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hamleyn said...

Crashing on your birthday is a bitch, did it last year. Hope the rehab goes well!

Bejamin Culton said...

Our Vets club runs a similar raffle each week after their races but no prizes up for grabs as good as a kilo of lollies :( Maybe I should start taking ice cream from work. Oh but I can get that any time.....

Jen said...

I have family in Broadford and we'd go and stay there in our school holidays and the legend of the lollies is real!! They are the freshest lollies ever! If we were lucky we'd get a few boxes to bring back for our birthday parties!

Can't believe they're still such a big deal!