Sunday, 7 July 2013

June 2013 Wrap - TTs, TV, & Tweets

A lot of what we've been up to has been covered on Twitter and Facebook, but I've thrown together a summary for the site here for those who are in web-only land.

Magnetic Island - Beach holidays!

A few days with family on the island after the Wang Tour was a great break from winter in Melbourne.

Kew TT - Blackburn CC. Zonta Group TT Round 4. June 16th 2013.

From 28°C on a beach to 2°C and a damp course in Kew. My numbers were good after six days off the bike, just not good enough to stop a stomping Dave Kelly coming in 1st place with a 29:12. 2nd place for me at 29:32. Thanks to Contour and The Peloton Cafe I captured my entire ride on film/SD card!

Photo op with Hayden Veld (BBN CC), winner of F grade!

CV Open ITT: Harcourt / Castlemaine CC. June 23rd 2013.

This course is a sleeping gorilla. You don't realise how tough it is until you're out of the saddle grinding at full gas... only 3.8km into the race! We were sprung with an additional 5km on the start line, meaning we'd be doing 25km not 20. With still conditions and the lovely HED3 front wheel, I managed 1st place in Elite. Ace!

Photo (c)
Photo (c)

Event Photos:

Cycling Victoria Event Wrap/Results: Link

Geelong TT - 23km. June 29th 2013.

Only a 'clubby' race but when you're up against someone who is never too far behind on the results, it is game on 100%! The circuit is getting rougher every race, really sapping any rhythm you get into. Lap 2 was a bone shaker. 1st place. I didn't quite make the 1 minute catch on Nick Squillari (AWS) who had the Contour camera on for the race.

Full Results: MyLaps

GreenWedge Photochop

After 7,500 Tweets one of them has hit the mark. The photo I 'shopped after seeing the GreenEDGE bus get wedged under the Stage 1 finish line at the tour did the rounds on Le Tour Prologue (Fox Sports), Cycling Central, GreenEDGE's own Backstage Pass, CyclingTips Facebook, even a few GreenEDGE riders re-tweeting it. Only a few gave credit to where the photo came from. Interesting to see how the popularity game works on social media with the 'big players'. (I watermarked the image so I could see who ripped it)

Le Tour Prologue - Fox Sports / YouTube

Von and I were a part of the Strava segment on Fox Sports' "Le Tour Prologue" last week. We had a blast filming up Yarra St, then going into the studio to talk about Strava with the panel. Despite what I said on the show, it was 'made for television'. I'm no Strava addict, not any more. I must have come across pretty convincing as I've had to explain to a few people that it was a bit of a piss take. 

Behind the scenes - Von!
Behind the scenes - My own fluffer!
Control room - Busy place!

I AM Specialized!

Yep! I've been on a Shiv and SL4 Tarmac for the last 12 months and loved them, so I was keen to get on board with Specialized. A few phone calls and emails later and I'll be throwing my leg over these machines for a while yet!

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