Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Time trialling....

This is my favourite shot from the weekend. Myself, Nick Bensley, Chris McKay, and Dave Kelly. Taken a few minutes after the time trial at Phillip Island.

After 18kms of flat-out, full noise, white-hot intensity, this captured a post race calmness. The four of us reflecting back on the race, our own performances, comparing times.

In an event decided on time alone, the time we set was only a formality.

You can have a good day and not win.

You can have a bad day and still set the fastest time.

It isn't about raw power or having the latest equipment.

It is about something we all did as kids on our very first bike, we rode it as fast as we could.

It is that simple.

After the event is over if you can honestly say "That was everything I had, I'm happy with that", nothing else matters, you've won.

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Neil Robinson said...

On the bike it's only you that can push the pedals, but the existence of others helps you wring everything out of yourself.

If you use them to push yourself, but are happy with just leaving it all out there, it's an amazing mix of conflicting, but generally good, emotions that floods through when you finish and talk to them.