Saturday, 14 June 2014

Bike food: Date - Banana Chip - Protein Balls.

These have been a winner for the last few months in our house. I've sacrificed a number of kitchen appliances figuring out how to chop up dates. Mixing something in with them prior to chopping does the trick. (check your appliance warranty too) 

Here's how to make your own - 


600g pitted dates
115g banana chips
80g protein powder
15g tahini
10g cocoa powder
Flaxseed oil. Just a little.

Makes ~15x 55g balls. 

~15mins all up to make. Nutrition facts were taken from here. Choose your own amounts, it really doesn't matter. The 600g of dates is the base that does all the work.

The goods.
The machine.
Chop the banana chips first, a few seconds will do.
Just enough to keep the the crunch.
Dates and protein powder next.... then 15-30 seconds of mixing...
Then add the tahnini... peanut butter works well too.
Mix is all up until your machine almost dies... another ~20 seconds.
A splash of flaxseed oil helps if the mix is too dry.
Chop into whatever size you like. Roll 'em up.
These are ~55g each.
Throw them in the fridge. Done!

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