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Cycling Victoria: Wangaratta Open ITT August 2nd 2014.

A massive turnout for the who's who of junior cycling in Victoria at the Wangaratta Livestock Exchange (also home of Wangaratta CC) this weekend. The juniors had their State TT and Road championships to race, and the Elite/Masters/Para cyclists all had their own TT on Saturday afternoon.

12 months ago I had a very ordinary ride at the same event. My lead up wasn't right, the ride I had was a shocker, and I ended up finishing with a broken collarbone and a broken bike.

My collarbone has been twitching about this event for a few weeks now. While working with a number of riders on their own TT goals and preparation with my new project,, I've been reviewing a few areas where I need to work on too. Pacing, bike set up, and mental prep for the actual demands of the event. The latter being most important given how last year ended up....

The Bootiegate Scandal

3.1.04 - It is forbidden to wear non-essential items of clothing or items designed to influence the performances of a rider such as reducing air resistance or modifying the body of the rider (compression, stretching, support). Items of clothing or equipment may be considered essential where weather conditions make them appropriate for the safety or the health of the rider. In this case, the nature and texture of the clothing or equipment must be clearly and solely justified by the need to protect the rider from bad weather conditions.  “Booties” are not allowed to be worn on indoor velodromes. (1/11/2012)

An event official had made the wrong call early in the day not to allow shoe covers for the ITT event, then had to continue enforcing it for consistency. It wasn't a very popular call on the day. 

I can only assume they'd classified shoe covers a "non-essential items of clothing". When the ITT event got under way at 10am on Saturday it was 5.3°C in Wangaratta (2.8°C with the wind chill), I'd safely say that shoe covers were an ESSENTIAL item of clothing. They are certainly not banned for use in road time trials.

Cycling has enough rules as it is, which we all adhere to as part of our CV/CA membership. The last thing we need are additional rules 'made up' on the start line based on incorrect interpretations. This was a State Championship event (an Open for us seniors). I had no bike check, no helmet check, no doping control. Yet I had to remove my shoe covers to take to the start line? Ridiculous.

Back to the event itself, be it with bloody cold feet, the change in approach to this year's event was spot on. My pacing to the first U-turn was right on the money, though the tailwind northbound leg wasn't as friendly as I'd have liked. The changes made to my TT set up worked well on the course, and I rolled in fastest with both collarbones intact.

Great shot Tony!
A Grade Results:
1. Shane MILLER (St Kilda)             24:55.3
2. Stephen LANE (Coburg)               25:57.3 +1:01.9
3. Sam FUHRMEISTER (Seymour Broadford) 25:58.7 +1:03.3
4. David STURT (Carnegie Caulfield)    27:05.5 +2:10.2

Full Results

SLane in 2nd place, with a very close battle with Fuhrmeister. Von had a great ride on her new TT bike, setting a PB by over two minutes and winning the Women's category on the day!

Aside from Bootiegate, the day ran very well. Timing was spot on, the start ramp is the best around, and the presentations were lightening fast. Disappointing to learn the official event photographer didn't bother sticking around for the seniors....... So thanks to Tony for his perfectly timed #tdfselfie! :) 

Winners are grinners.. except for Horgz, I think he was still in the box!

8 weeks until the Masters Nationals TT in Ballarat. Time to start planning that one for myself and a number of others who are keen to give that event a good shake, bootie covers and all!

TT done and dusted, we headed off to the snow!

Then this guy showed up.....

... and took Von's prize money.

We escaped.... to the serenity of Bonnie Doon.

... with its large ducks...

... and hotel staff suggesting we take this from reception and watch it!

nekmorning - UCI "regulations" don't apply here! Bloody freezing!

Sunday was perfect!

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Skinsuits are not essential either and obviously intended to reduce drag.