Friday, 30 September 2016

WAHOO KICKR: Basic Maintenance

Wahoo Kickr: Basic Maintenance

- Freehub service.
- Shim greasing.
- Drive belt inspection. (*Wahoo will supply at a cost if needed... )
- Optical sensor cleaning.

Covering a number of basic servicing procedures I do on a regular basis to keep out Wahoo Kickr trainers in good working order. My original Kickr is over three years old now and is still my go-to trainer for indoor workouts (Intervals, Zwift rides/races, etc).

I’ll do another video on advanced maintenance in the near future covering topics such as belt replacement/tensioning and power calibration.

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A Freeman said...

Hi Shane, I have a 2nd original Kickr that I have updated to the latest firmware. I can use my generic ANT+ to connect to my Tickr and Stages but cannot see my Kickr. I also can't see it with my 520. Any ideas please? Do I need to replace the top cap?
Thanks Andrew

Shane Miller - GPLama said...

So ANT+ isn't working on it? I'd try re-flash with an earlier FW and see if that fixes the issue. Wahoo Support should be able to nail it right away.

A Freeman said...

Hi, went back to v1.4.46 last night which was the activation of ANT+ but can't see it in Zwift. At present that is the only program I can use to see ANT+ connections. Although the Edge 520 can't see the Kickr at all either. I'm thinking the top cap needs replacing but thought I'd check. Appreciate the promo response.
Having BLE dot issues now the new Zwift update

Greg Hilton said...

Did you ever do the video on replacing the fan belt....mine just snapped!!

Shane Miller - GPLama said...

Not yet. Contact Wahoo Support for those details.