Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT - First Look

Just over 12 months down the track from the Wahoo ELEMNT hitting shelves comes the Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT.

Addressing the unique needs of the performance-driven rider, ELEMNT BOLT pairs the ELEMNT’s groundbreaking ease of use and powerful performance with a form factor designed to blend as seamlessly with your bike as it does with your training and racing.

In a nutshell, Wahoo have taken the consumer feedback from the original ELEMNT and packed it into smaller, lighter, and according to their press releases, a more aerodynamic package. 

I've been lucky enough to have some hands on with the ELEMNT BOLT just a few hours prior to the official announcement.... let's see how it stacks up: 

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Anders Björk said...

Thanks for the review. One question, I have an Garmin edge 1000 right now. Is there an improvements for me if I should switch to Wahoo Elemnt?

Shane Miller said...

It depends on the functions you use, want to use, what one offers over the other. Entirely up to you mate.

Adam Aitken said...

Hi Shane

Thanks for the review. I love the Bolt's desing and quality fel. Unfortunately I haven't been able to pair my Android phone to the Bolt. Something wrong with the phone I think, as it won't scan the Bolt's digital image. I noticed on the Wahoo support site that they haven't tested the Elemnt with certain models. Just putting it on record in case anyone else has this issue.

Michael Kaftan said...

Hi Shane,
I sway between the elemnt and the bolt. The design and size actually speaks for the Bolt, but I am 52 years old and my eyes are getting worse (progressive lenses). When cycling I use contact lenses. With my Edge 705, which I use so far, I have partial problems already. Therefore, I have the Bolt concern that the display is too small (when displaying 9 fields, the turnaround or the map view). What do you mean?

Shane Miller said...

I'd go with the original Elemnt for the larger screen Michael. Maybe see if you can visit a bike shop to hold one and see if the size of the screen is suitable.

Michael Kaftan said...

Thanks Shane, but that is the problem. Here in Dortmund (Germany) we have only the big dealer chains and no small bike dealers, especially none, who are specialized in racing bikes. They have been closed in recent years. Therefore I have on site no possibility to compare the Elemnt and Bolt.

Can you confirm that Elemnt and Bolt are identical except for:
- 11 instead of 9 data fields
- the Elemnt has 2 rows of LED
- the bracketing of the bolt is much brighter
- the bolt 's acoustic directions are much louder

Shane Miller said...

Wahoo Support might be able to help with these mate, or maybe check out the BOLT review over on DCRainmaker.