Saturday, 17 June 2017

Tacx Magnum Smart - First Ride (Fully Automatic Treadmill Smart Trainer)

One of the newer innovations in the indoor training space for both cycling and running. What's the experience all about for a first-time user? Well, I found out last week at Tacx HQ in the Netherlands.

Tacx Magnum: First Ride (Fully Automatic Treadmill Smart Trainer)

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Masn5 said...

I have a left only 4iiii power meter and like to race on zwift with a dumb trainer. From everything I've read it likely under-reports power but I have no way to test it. Am I justified in adjusting the left right multiplier to increase my power output up 5-10 watts, or am I just cheating myself. I'm a light weight so 10 watts is especially huge

Shane Miller said...

Unless you know for sure it is under reporting then that'd be cheating yourself out of an accurate power meter.