Wednesday, 6 June 2007

New bits.. and a new word!

Today I discovered a new word from a news article. I'll use it in this blog entry, see if you can spot it :)

Probikekit order placed on Thursday, arrived on Tuesday. Damn they are good. New Dura Ace pedals (all new base plate and wider), some GP4000s tyres, and some tubes. Maybe the puncture gods will approve of the new tyres, we'll see. Damn the pedals are nice though... 277grams on my scales, I'll have to put in a weightweenies entry for them. I now have severe priapism just thinking about installing them. Though as they say - its not the length, its not the size, its now many times you make them ride! (or something like that) ;)

The aussie FSA distributer has looked at the pictures of my rear wheel issues (spokes pulling through, uneven breaking surface at the wheel join) and has said they'll replace them. Nice!..

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