Monday, 4 June 2007

Steels Creek ATTA - 33.4Km

Two laps, hilly, windy, cold. Had the TT machine Phil Smith off 1min behind me and he was only 15 seconds off catching me at the last turn around (8km from home). Then I flatted 1km up the road. Von was marshaling the turn around point and had my other bike in the car - so I bounced back to the car, swapped wheels, and still posted 7th out of 17 starters in the 34km event. The Polar stats tell me minus the wheel change and extra kms, I'd have come in 3rd with around 39.55km/h average. Still a few minutes off where I want to be. That average needs to be 42km/h+ on any given course. Then I might think about a disc wheel and the like.

For now - more training. The next ATTA event is a 60km team TT next month that I'm thinking of doing solo, that'd have balls. It'll be good prep for the Melbourne to Ballarat handicap I guess.

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