Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Why I'm not in retail...

All up I've got about $10k of bikes/parts/etc to sell off, hopefully before I head off to Europe in 4 weeks. Fat chance at this rate though. I've had the Giant roadie and mtb listed for sale on cycle2max, BV forums, and other places here and there for a few months. I'm into my second round of eBay attempts with them both. First time around on eBay each had around 30-40 watchers and no bidders. I had a few typical queries but no real interest.

The unused Mavic wheelset I've got has raised the most interest.. but I'm hitting a common hurdle. These wheels RRP for around $649-799 in local stores. Before I'd looked at the 'going rate' I had them listed for $500, then $450, now $400. So while they sit on $400 I get a query about them every few days asking me how low I'll sell them for. Ummm $400? I'm not trying to make a profit with anything I've got up for sale. I've done my research, eBay/forms/importing etc and there no chance you'll find these wheels for anything under $400. Maybe if I was dishonest and listed them at $500 people would think $400 is a bargain and snap them up? I don't want to screw people around that way, if someone was holding off contacting me because I had them listed for $500, then I sold them for $400 - IMO that isn't fair. Is this how the 2nd hand market works?

The next issue relating to honesty is the amount of queries I get in relation to the _real_ condition of the items. Common themes are: Any cracks? Whats really wrong with it for you to sell it? Fair questions, but I'm going to put something up for sale that is busted. My reasons for selling are listed. I've got no problems with people inspecting before they commit to buy.

There is also a one way street policy with tyre kickers. A few positive emails will be exchanged then nothing. No "tell him he's dreaming", "no thanks", etc emails. If I was hit up with "dude, you're asking way too much!" then I'd have to redo my homework and try again. This isn't happening. Have I hit a retail/price point black-hole? I'm amazed at the amount of 2nd hand bikes there are around listed for $4,000+ THAT SELL. wtf is with that? I'm yet to see/ride a bike that is really worth that kind of cash... anyhow..

It has been a very frustrating process - having so much good equipment that I want to clear out. Normally I'd cut my losses and give stuff away or throw it out, its a pity there is too much $$ tied up in this equipment that I can't just do the same.

I've got my alloy TCR and my single speed for rainy days, thats all I want for now. A PowerTap and track bike are on the cards when I get back from OS, but not if the shed is still overflowing.


Bleve said...

As a general rule, a lot of 2nd hand stuff has to go for at least 30% off (and that's when it's brand new). If it's actually used, you're looking at 50% or more off, especially with high end roadbikes where the buyers are fad/trend buyers. Your bikes are last year's or older models, and they're used, and they have to believe you when you say never crashed. They sit in the wrong price point - a bargain hunter is after something cheap, generally, and who trusts 2ndhand wheels then they can get new ones online for a lot less than RRP?
There's also no warranty on your stuff as most (all?) manufacturer warranties are to the original purchaser only. Selling those bikes will probably be difficult. At CS we don't do s/h bikes much, they're just way too hard. I'd suggest you auction them on ebay with no reserve and let the market decide what they're worth, but you are going to lose a lot on them. That's just the way it is with toys.

Anonymous said...

i hear you mate, people are always looking for a deal. Im sorry to say that im one of them with your wheels, maybe other people ar ein the same boat. I really want to buy your mavics off you and if i could goto the 400 i would its just the budget wont allow for it you know.

i did price them up and the nest i could find them for was around 600 mark so even at 400 there a good buy.

Anyway sorry to harp on, if you can bring the cost down at any point just hollar for around 350-370 id have them. take it easy and i will link your blog didnt realise you had one it makes interesting reading take care