Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Quck updates.. almost tour time!

<--- Wii Bowling, 9 strikes in a row, I choked on the 10th :(

The Giant TCRc1 frame, Giant TCRc0 bike, and the Mavic wheels have all sold. That's half the shed cleared. The Giant XTC MTB is almost sold too, will know by the end of the week. Things are looking good for the PowerTap and track bike after the OS trip! No queries on the Scott bikes so they might end up staying.

Still on bikes, FSA sent me the replacement RD-400 wheel set. Both major gripes I had with the original set are fixed - a quiet freewheel ratchet and the rim/spoke hole combo has been totally reworked so the rim won't crack. Now I'm undecided if I'll keep them as my 'race wheels' or sell them as-new. At 1690g they're more suited for everyday wheels though. They are damn nice wheels though, and the fact they are the upgraded ones... hmm.. I might list them on eBay given I have the box etc, everything has a price, so if I get $550 for these, I'll be happy.

I went on a Beach Rd ride with a bunch from the BV forums on Saturday morning. Chapel St smells like an armpit at 7am. It was a very light pace until a few got on the front and started to accelerate. Snuffy and I (Snuffy on fixed 70GI, and me on SS 81GI) upped the pace even more and strung things out. I ended up soloing off the front for the last few kms, 81GI is much better on the flats than the normal 70GI I run. Parawolf and I sat on the front the _whole_ way back.. the best place to get a true workout :)

I'll throw in some info on my training to this blog when I've got time. I'm always interested in what people are doing on the bike - maybe this will give an insight on what I get up to. Sunday was an 54kms on the trainer doing Vo2/TT ladder intervals then into some strength endurance (SE) work watching some race on SBS. Monday was some leg strength work off the bike, then 1hr on the Kew boulie on the SS still on 81GI, more strength work! Yesterday was an easy 1hr on the boulie to clear the legs of soreness. I'm feeling like total crap today, the legs are recovering well but I've got a lingering headache... I'll pump out 1hr on the rollers and see how I feel. Recovery sucks, I'm enjoying the strength and threshold+ work but without proper rest the efforts are wasted.

Our trip to Europe is getting close. Just sorting out travel insurance and the like now. Next up is a good pair of shoes, some summer clothes, and a good backpack. There are a few locals over there we may catch up with. JonoL and his ProTour mates in Italy, Timboy in Belgium, Myxt in London, and whoever else will be at the final stage in Paris. I'm also looking forward to the catacombs in Paris.

... and the most important news... The tour starts Saturday night. Fingers crossed its in wide screen this year. Everyone is welcome to come over and watch any stage, and help me stay awake watching it. Shoot me a msg, bring some snacks, prepare to talk shit about bikes! Woohoo! Come early if you think you can beat me in Wii sports ;)

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Jay Woo said...

Cool, I'll drop by for a stage or 4 for sure! You up for Nongs this weekend (either day)?