Thursday, 27 September 2007

Into the wind.... by the rules.

Since 'real' TT helmets are banned for use on open roads, the next best AS/NZS 2063 approved thing are skate helmets. Yep, Andy White wasn't just being hardcore in his skate lid, he has been onto a good thing for a long time! I thought that a distributer would have sorted out standards approval for a tear-drop helmet by now.. but noooooo.

For $39 I now have the best fitting helmet I've owned. I've stuck some neato Specialized stickers to throw off anyone wondering why I'd be wearing a skate lid. "Oh Specialized make those!? Cool"... well no they don't... If they did you betchya the price would be three times as much. I've modified the 'SixSixOne' logo on the side to read "SixSixSix". Because I'm evil, and Satan reads my blog.

So to balance up the world economy with the helmet purchased locally, I stuck in an order to ProBikeKit this week. Tyres, chains, bar tape, tubes, standard stuff that is cheaper to import. I've also kept up my DuraAce fetish and ordered some DA brake calipers. I've banged on about LBS Shimano prices before.. and I'll do it again. $187 for the brakes from PBK. $369 locally. Is Shimano Australia shafting local retailers with high wholesale prices? If this was the case I wonder if LBS' are putting the pressure back on to Shimano because they are losing sales to PBK and the like? However... bikes ain't my industry, I'm only a consumer.

Lots of racing coming up. Northern Combine TT, ATTA TTs, a NC handicap race, then a scratch race at Gisborne South where JayWoo and I should be getting sharp leading up Mt William in early November. I'll use that as a form tester to see if I enter the Doherty Tour the following weekend and the Tour of Bright after that. Fingers crossed I'll get to do them all. I'm still shaking a flu at the moment.. argh!


Unknown said...

Have ordered a few things of PBK. It's a joke how much we pay for cycling stuff in OZ. Looking at getting some stuff from the States now as well with our dollar as high as it has been for a while.

Anonymous said...

Some stuff is even cheaper from Delivery can be good if you get two people in as GBP$250+ is free shipping to Australia.

Not as good selection of some tyres, but some parts that PBK just doesn't stock (or only ever has "email me when in stock)


Correct - LBS gets shafted on wholesale prices.