Sunday, 14 October 2007

Northern Combine ITT Champ '07 - Elite Men

Another feather in the cap that has a nice ring to it. Looking at the start list, which included Steve Pilson who had just won the NC road race champs the weekend before, I didn't think I was in for much of a chance. I rode a solid lap of the Lancefield course leaving everything out on the road. 45:25 from the Polar, I haven't seen the official times as yet. Medals will be sent out in the next few weeks. I was bloody stoked! Tom Crebbin smashed the masters 1 class by 5mins - also wearing a skater helmet. He also put 1min into me, but as he was in a different class I won't stress about that! Hawthorn riders in skate helmets 1st and 2nd for the overall.

I backed up the NC ITT champs yesterday with an ATTA time trial today on the same course. I entered the individual 60km (2 laps). I didn't want to hurt as much as I did yesterday. I pegged the heart rate a little lower for the two laps and managed to catch a number of riders. In the last 40kms I was yo-yo'ing 50m ahead, 50m behind, etc, with some monster guy who powered on the flats and died on the hills. We managed to motivate each other as we passed to reel in any riders up the road. Riders with Zipp discs, illegal TT helmets, Trek TT bikes, anything was fair game! We ate them up! Not once did either of us slipstream each other. I took equal 3rd with 1:34:07. Splits were 47:06 first lap, 47:01 for the second. I was aiming for 50min laps, so to split them both 3mins under my target was a nice reward.

All up a successful weekend and some solid training for the coming months. Time to hit the hills, and sit by the phone waiting for potential sponsors to call! I need a rear disc wheel!!


Jay Woo said...

Looks like I need to get me-s one of those Sk8a-skid-lids for Tour of Bright where I'll come up against the Crebbin. I'll need every millisecond I can get!

Anonymous said...

Jaywoo you'll smash him up Hotham.

Jay Woo said...

Who said that?!