Friday, 28 December 2007

Xmas Eve: Horsham -> Jeparit

When we arrived in Horsham on Saturday night, I was hoping the stiff southerly would stay around for a few days, and it did. While it made Sundays ride hard, it took just on two hours to hit Jeparit from Horsham on this route. The blue line was the nice tailwind section. 48km/h average for that 61kms, I'd have loved to try it on the TT bike! I was lucky enough to have a car ride home, I'd hate to have taken on that same 61kms into the wind!

I also got in a group ride back home with a friend from high school and Mark O'Brien from Drapac Porsche. Those long flat roads are more fun when there is someone to chat to.

Christmas joy is now over, back to work now and shaking a head flu. I'm also working on some self-marketing things to send out to potential sponsors for '08. Hopefully someone will want me flying their flag (and riding their bikes!). I'll post up the stuff on here when I'm happy with it.

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