Wednesday, 2 January 2008

2007 - The Bike Year in Review..

A few days late, but here we go top to bottom...

- Team bikes / Sponsors lined up for the year.
- National Time Trials in Ballarat - Both goals achieved (under 1hr, within 10mins of O'Neil)
- 2nd place ATTA TT Humevale
- 2nd place Newham combine race (beaten by JonoL, now with VIS!)
- May 5th - Snapped collarbone in half at Arthor's Creek combine race.. May 8th - Collarbone pinned...May 13th - 2nd place ATTA TT Diggers Rest.

- Holiday in France, catching the final stage of THE tour in person. Seeing the ProTour on the Champs-Elysées!

- 1st place Northern Combine ITT (32km) - NC Elite Champion '07 medal.
- Equal 3rd at the ATTA 60Km ITT the day after NC ITT.
- Mt William Classic - 1st place M1.
- Great Doherty Tour 1st place in GC M1/2/3 (2 Stage Wins, 1 Second Place).
- Tour of Bright Stage 2 winner (ITT) M1/2/3. 9th in GC.

Mix in thousands of kms of training, a few ups and downs along the way, and the year ending on an absolute high with the Doherty GC and stage 2 win at Bright... its been a good one!

The plan for '08? To do it all again... :)


Unknown said...

Looks like a very good year knackers :) Was going to ask you when you were home how you go about structuring your training week?

Shane Miller - GPLama said...

All secrets!! :) There are enough rides/crits/races on around here to keep things moving without having to think too hard. This year I'll be doing more focused training for events, but I'm not a fan of putting all my eggs in one basket... for example I was doing sprint training last night... which isn't that beneficial for my TTs.

Anonymous said...

Good post.