Friday, 18 January 2008

HCC Kew Crits - 16/01/08

First race for the year - back into the action from the gun. A larger than normal field in A grade this week, but the numbers thinned out quickly as the racing started. I keep forgetting that racing A grade up that hill feels like getting punched in the chest for the first 15 minutes, until your body accepts the pain and kicks into automatic mode. Lots of matches burnt keeping on anything that moved off the front - and it paid off. A few minutes after the intermediate sprint "the" move went. Well, it was two moves, Wornes and Grimsey were off the front, I was chasing with two others. The three of us became two - when Jono Lovelock, Peter Braunstiens, and Tim White bridged I knew we wouldn't be brought back. The last remaining guy who was initially with me popped, so there were now four of us chasing Wornes and Grimsey. The four of us worked turns to perfection - five or six laps where we all did a turn on the front that suited our abilities - like clockwork. Tim White dragged us across the flat into the wind, I took the guys up the hill across the line, and the two skinny's Lovelock and Braunstiens pulled us down the hill - and repeat - riding with these guys like this was an absolute highlight.

Wornes and Grimsey were soon back and the six of us keep the show on the road - lapping A grade in the process. A few dejected faces in A grade as they were asked to "move over for A grade". There were some quality riders there who'd simply missed the break. 3 to go and Lovelock has a dig - nobody responds - he hits the wind and comes back to us. Grimsey does the same next lap and is brought back as soon as he hits the wind. One to go - all six of us together. I keep things clean and dont try anything crazy into the hairpin - I'm sitting 5th wheel. Powering up the hill I give it full gas.... then off the gas around the bend.. shift down and jump. I jump a few spots and take 3rd...

Lots of great shots of of the race are here.

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