Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Blackburn ITT - Kew Boulevard 15/06/2008

Its been two years since I'd done this ITT, which is located only a few blocks from home. Just over 10kms, out and back, and all hills, no flat. My new PowerTap was installed on Saturday and I did a 18:19 recon lap at about 85% effort and a nice average power figure to work on. As this TT course is all hills and has a few fast corners I didn't worry about breaking out the Plasma TT bike - the roadie is lighter and quicker to point around corners. The skater helmet came out though as it was a little blustery in the wind.

Not a bad turn out of around 33 riders. I was off @8mins and started my lap counter at '10 seconds to go'. Cool conditions and dry roads, my ride went to plan. Crossing the line, lap counter stopped at 16:38. Minus 10 seconds and there was my time. 16:28. Lets call it an even 16:30. "Official" time of 16:37... #1st place M1/2/3 going to a Blackburn rider with 16:33. I knew the winner so it wasn't personal, but to "win" a TT by a few seconds, only to be told my time was something different? I let them keep their 2nd place prize money for the club, I had a free entry pass being a HCC rider - and didn't want to collect the winnings that were not rightfully mine. Petty for sure, but my own little protest. :) Plus or minus 2-3 seconds I can live with, these TTs are not that accurate, but 7 seconds in error isn't acceptable. I've been in contact with Blackburn and they've apologised for any time discrepancies.

I downloaded and reviewed the power file from the race which I'm happy about at this time of the year. Out and back was only a 1.5% drop in power on the return leg, and a %2 increase in HR - so the pacing strategy was spot on. My recorded lap time confirmed. Grrr. I used up the rest of my energy at the ABOC DISC session that evening by smashing everything that moved.. I think I got 5 laps up in the final 'take a lap' drill.


Groover said...

So how do you like the PowerTap? I just ordered mine yesterday and will probably have it by next Saturday. What rims are you using?

Shane Miller - GPLama said...

Training with power has been the best upgrade I've ever put on my bike. It takes the guess work out of intervals, puts a real value on effort, and kicks you in the ass if you back off in any way.

My wheel was built up by Greg at Not sure what rim or spokes but its light and fast. Performance is all about the rider :)