Tuesday, 10 June 2008

HCC Sunday Roast - DISC 08/06/2008

Week two of the HCC Sunday Roast at DISC. Served up was the same races as last week but this time with twice the riders in the A/B category. Jaywoo made an appearance, and Spinny rocked up late and was signed up to the big time! I was more prepared for this weeks 40 lap scratch, I had a nice warm up and the pain sensors are getting more accustomed to the hurt that is endured keeping up with these trackies. There were a few chances at getting away of the front with a handful of riders but these were closed down quick smart. I lasted the distance this week only popping off the back on the final few laps finishing half a lap off the back.

Again twice the field in the 120 lap points score. Almost the same race formula as last week - steady pace for a while then attack everyone like its the last lap. The goal today was to splinter the field and work with whoever was on the front to sweep up the points and lap other riders. This was a little harder to do with a larger field but eventually we filtered down to four riders on the lead lap. Sweeping up lapped riders meant sprints became a little messy - so I didn't contest any. I picked up a few 2nds and other points through good positioning. Since the bunch was now a mix of the front four and the rest each time I hit the front I attacked. We popped a few others and caused a few splinters but nothing of note. I hit them after the second last sprint and spent a few laps on my own until I was hunted back down. 5 to go and I gave it one last all out effort on the front and swung up out of the action. I spun down again 1/2 a lap behind the final sprint winner. I can't work out the points scoring for these races.. its 5, 3,2,1 for the first four across the line, but lapped riders who merge back in are still grabbing points? Anyhow, its all good training.

After spinning down someone finally had the honesty to call my track bike crap - and it was the V-train himself! He enjoyed my continual attacking and splintering of the field - "even on a crap bike!" That cracked me up :) My entry level track bike was purchased just to see if I liked track riding - now I've got Sunday racing and ABOC training on the track it may be time to upgrade to something more respectable.

5pm ticked over and it was straight into the ABOC endurance training session with Carl and the bunch. Mick Thomas and Mini Mick kept me on my toes during our 20 lap scratch race trying family/team tactics nearing the end. I was stuck on the front with a lap to go and just managed to hold off Mick by 1/2 a bike on the line. All up 96kms on the boards for the day.

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Jay Woo said...

A lapped rider is awarded -20 points for his\her slackness. Not sure if you get consecutive -20 points for everyone after that. Spose you could look at it like a nano tour. You've got the intermediate sprint prizes and the overall at the end based on all the points at the end.