Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Back to Bright!

For the long weekend. The plan is to get up there early Friday and tackle Hotham in the afternoon. Should be a great weekend for lots of climbing. Climb trial personal bests will be set, just tempo riding with a few mates as 'base' work for now. I'm not officially entered into the Alpine Audax so I'll stay clear of that mass start event (remember, its not a race!) I might cruise over Tawonga to Mt Beauty for lunch and chase some people back into Bright.

We had a great weekend in Ballarat watching the Australian National Road Championships. Von and I rode around the course on the Saturday and drove/walked on the Sunday. Had some of the best coffee that side of Melbourne and came home with some improved tan lines from the sun! :) Before the start of the mens road race we saw Phil Liggett. I said "G'gay Phil" as he walked past, then he came over for a chat! He spent about 2-3 minutes with Von and I just talking about the race - and he spotted my iPhone and said "Sherwin has one of those, and its not locked to a network, he's into all that technology"! Hah!

Von and Fliggett:

I'm currently in the process of replacing my broken bits (bike, helmet, etc) from my crash in December. Looks like the cost of new bikes has gone through the roof! I'm still perusing all options in regard to sponsors - the quick lesson I keep learning is that it's all about who you know in this world! It's good to know so many people in the bike scene, but I really need to buddy up with someone who works for a power meter company!! heheh.

The Tour Down Under is in full swing and I know a few people over there. I hope everyone is having a blast and taking lots of photos! Time to pack for the weekend, I'll be posting photos from my iPhone directly up on my FaceBook, so get on board and keep an eye out for them!

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Groover said...

That's a nice shot. Have fun in Bright. Brings back good and painful memories. :-)