Tuesday, 31 March 2009

ABOC Mt Hotham Camp - 28-29/03/09

Back to Hotham again before winter sets in. Carl from ABOC somehow arranged perfect weather for both days, a sunny 17 degrees at the top. We bombed the descent and met up in Harrietville, there are three sprint points on the way to Bright for the non-climbers to contest, but I was planning on crashing that party. Sprint #1 - Took forever to arrive.. Flinty and I went head to head and I took it with a throw. Spint #2 - I jumped early but Flinty called me back as he didn't see the sign. I backed off and kicked again once everyone had seen what was going on. I thought it was Dino on my wheel, but it was Mitch Dedman. I backed off hoping to kick again and go clear but Mitch was storming. I took it by a very small margin, had the sprint been any longer Mitch would have taken it. Sprint #3 (the Bright town sign) is the king sprint. Nice long lead out but hard to see if you're not looking. I was tucked in the bunch and had the four sprinters I needed to worry about in front. 300m to go I storm past them and kept clear. Job done, sprint points winner.. now to recover for the Hotham climb!

Lunch from the bakery (Sorry Stu/Kor/etc, they were friendly this time)... then we rolled back toward Harrieville at an easy pace. I had planned on a medium paced ride to the top, but that lasted for the first 0.1km, the next 29.9km were done at a very solid pace. I could have paced it better for the entire climb however I still ended up with a PB time. Must have been a tail wind :) Or was it the encouragement from those ladies hanging out of a car commenting on my physique? (Bev! Donna!) Awesome views from the top, so clear I could see five or six mountain ranges fading off on the horizon. Looking back east I could see the road winding up the side of the mountain 15-20kms back down the road. While I was suffering on the side of the hill, Von was in Dinner Plain at a day spa getting the full pampering!

Many stories told back at the lodge we were staying in and a massive amount of pasta consumed. On Sunday we rolled down to Dinner Plain for coffee (only one sprint this time, got that too!)... Not much else to report, other than it was a magnificent weekend in the high country. One of my favourite places for sure, what a pity it snows there! :)

My happy snaps: http://picasaweb.google.com/gplama/ABOCHothamCampMarch2009?feat=directlink

More pics from Carl and Dino: http://www.aboc.com.au/images/galleries/20090327-climbing-camp10/


Buttsy said...

We are heading to bright at Easter and taking the bikes, so not sure which climbs to tackle yet as there will be lots of traffic around. Buffalo is on the list as it is a nice steady climb and Bright to Buffalo and back is do-able before cappacino....Then we might do Tawonga gap and Falls one day....not sure as it wont be boot camp, just a fun weekend away with bikes.....good pics and your post is interesting......I was working, but now am on holidays.....

Buttsy said...

POST EASTER - AS YOU ARE AWARE - We did climb Tawonga and we did have cappacino at Mt Beauty.......but no other riuding...DAMNIT

Recovery and well..being part of the "clavicle club" just isnt as much fun as it sounds!