Thursday, 19 March 2009

March news and new toys!

I'm currently in goal no-mans-land on the bike, which is a good thing since this should be my 'off season' part of the year. Just waiting for the Northern Combine road season to kick into action. After the Aus Masters Games TT win, I decided to take the plunge and got myself a DuraAce SRM crankset for the TT bike. I don't want to think about the power output required for a fast TT, but for training it'll be invaluable for interval work.

My Scott CR1 frame is still yet to be looked at by someone who knows about carbon, so I've also added a new road bike to the pile. Back on a Giant TCR! I've been riding my alloy TCR1 for the past few months after Bright and I enjoyed how twitchy it was, so when I saw someone selling a TCRc0 with full DuraAce, I jumped on it! It's a 2007 model, so its not the latest and greatest, but its a frame and geometry that I love. It hadn't even been ridden, the groupset still had the plastic protection sticker stuff on it! I stripped it down and took off all the DuraAce parts I already own so I could sell them 'as new'. The wheel set it came with is a lot better than I thought too, Mavic Ksyrium SL. They're the model just before they went the red spoke and carbon hub. These will be up for sale too. I'll post a list of parts I've got for sale once I'm done tinkering in the tool shed.

The single speed (my original Giant, first roadie!) is also getting a make over. I've got enough spare parts to build it up as a geared roadie again, so as soon as PBK deliver the bars and mud guards it'll be on the road rain, hail, or well... more rain!

That's about it for now. Follow my Twitter updates if you really want to be bombarded with useless updates... otherwise I'll keep posting the real news and race reports up on here. Mt Hotham at the end of the month for a training camp. Should be a good weekend of long climbing, hopefully its not snowing! Wowa, just had our second earthquake here in Melbourne as I was typing this!


Wade Wallace said...

ha! So you ended up buying BOTH the bike and the SRM!?

Nice one

GPLama said...

Yep! On the same day too, everything fell into line. Big thanks for you hooking me up with the SRM too! I owe you a coffee or five. :)

Buttsy said...

SRM now that would be great...but unfortunately I want to pay off the mortgage (yadda yadda....) anyway what is this about a masters series....for time trials? I need to read more..

GPLama said...

Buttsy - Not sure about the specifics, its on the CSV web site today in the winter 09 calendar. Hopefully there will be a few out your way, that's one part of the state I've never been to. I'll post up more details soon. I can work on my schedule now that calendar is out!