Monday, 6 July 2009

Victorian Masters IRTT Series #2

Cool, sunny, and one hell of a south westerly blowing across the course at Wang today. Start order and numbers were assigned based on the results from round #1. So that meant I was off last, chasing Chessum (+1min) and Lister (+2min). Warm up went well and I was soon up the road and questioning why I keep putting myself through the pain... We still don't know what we're racing for in the series. Points? Money? Not even CSV can answer our queries on this one. Bragging rights is all we have, which is usually all the motivation we need to drive 500km+ for a 20km event. :)

The first 2kms were into a stiff head wind, 8kms side wind, then a flying 10kms home. My pacing plan worked out well and I was soon pegging back Chessum and working out the time gaps using my SRM timer. Lister was also looking closer than I expected. The final 10kms was automatic leg mode today. I knew Chessum was closer than 60 seconds up the road so I just used that gap to pace myself all the way back to the line. Almost caught him too! My pacing and power paid off today - 1st place again. Hopefully this consistency can continue for the next few rounds and onto the Victorian Masters state champs. Fingers crossed!

Results today in A grade were surprising, looks like a few people were knocked about in the wind. A stand out mention was John Cain. After smashing everyone at the Victorian Masters TT state titles last year, and finishing mid field in round #1, John put in a solid effort today to claim 2nd place, the only other rider in the 28min bracket. John tells me he is 'only warming up', so I'll have to keep my head down and train harder now! John is MAS4 if I recall correctly, so won't be against me in the state age group champs. (phew!). :)

Update: I was there today - flying the flag for my team and sponsor, Team Kosdown, and my club, Hawthorn Cycling Club.. despite what has been reported by another club's resident word-of-mouth blogger. I'm a big fan of this blog, but fair shake of the sauce bottle if you're going to completely omit me from the results and claim your club's riders took out not only the win but all podium spots. Two weeks running I've had to use my blog to relay actual events...... welcome to the Internet I guess..?

A Grade

1st MILLER, Shane HAW 28.39
2nd CAIN, John CAR 28.59
3rd DAY, Michael CAR 29.06
4th CHESSUM, Matthew CAR 29.26
5th YOUNG, Steven GEE 29.37
6th LAMA, Martin BBN 29.39
7th ROBINSON, Glen SVC 29.53
8th LYSTER, Tully WNG 29.59
9th SAYERS, Darren CAR 30.04
10th VAUGHAN, Stuart HAW 30.38

Link to OFFICIAL CSV results..

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