Monday, 20 July 2009

Victorian Clubs TTT Championships '09

Conditions were a carbon copy of last year. Maybe a little stronger wind from the north, so all the hard work has to be done early in the race. Another two "friendly" encounters with CSV, first one, not being able to register when I wanted to, "I need the team manager to do it". Team manager? That'd be the team manager we don't have. Then on the line two of us cop flack from Doug Armstrong for not having club kit. He told us how rag-tag we looked, and that _HE_ was disappointed in us as a club. He was going to have a talk to our club officials etc..etc.. Thanks Doug, you're a top motivator, we all just wanted to get away from the start line quick smart.

Race itself went well, good positioning, good turns, solid teamwork. At the top of the course I piloted the team around the rumble strips, then there was an acceleration on the front to keep the momentum going over the train tracks. 400W for 1min on the front, then an acceleration!? That really put me in the hurt box and I had to skip a few turns. I was soon back swapping turns, then we were down to three riders. Nick had put in a solid effort but just lost touch as we hit the cross wind. Onto the home straight and I was felling stronger as we pulled longer turns. The last 12kms were done at 50km/h, super fast. Up over the hill and to the line in 43:47, enough for 2nd place again this year. 10 seconds off 1st, and 3rd came in 7 seconds down on us. Super close racing in Masters, and we took away knowledge of a few things we can improve on for next time.

CSV Results:

Carnegie Caulfield 1 # 1 43:36.42
56 Danny Kah
55 Paul Mason
54 Roy Clark
53 Michael Day

2 Hawthorn 43:46.98
60 Tom Crebbin
59 Stuart Vaughan
58 Nick Chadderton
57 Shane Miller

3 Carnegie Caulfield # 2 43:53.67
84 John Cain
83 Boyd Friis
82 Frank Donnelly
81 Gerard Donnelly


Buttsy said...

Now a comment nothing to do with your blog...but are you racing the victorian TT champs in Geelong in August? I am thinking about it and have just changed my licence to elite (which means I can race open and masters).....I am not working that weekend so will hopefully be able to race and if you are racing, are you familiar with the course at all? Gnarwarre to Ceres? It looks like it might have a hill (or two)....

GPLama said...

Yep, planning on it at this stage. All I know is that its 28kms long, no other info :( Geelong CC have an ITT the next morning too according to their web site, so I hope to do both.