Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Geelong CC ITT Paraparap - August 15th, 2009

Geelong CC put up a good write up from Saturday, so I'll shortcut the typing and link straight to it:

I rode the Victorian Elite ITT champs the day before - I'll do a write up on that soon..


Buttsy said...

Results aside, which time trial did you think you rode the best...did the hills at the end of the State Title TT ruin your day...I just lost rhythm and found it difficult to decide out of the seat vs in the seat...I need to train on my Scott more

GPLama said...

The rolling hills killed the rhythm on Friday for sure. There were no flat sections, or even long steady up hill sections. I hadn't given the profile much thought and have been training for the flat ITTs which really showed on Saturday at Geelong!

Buttsy said...

The big downhill with the bend brought back flashbacks of a certain descent on Tawonga Gap in April so I was actually braking......(head shaking here...just not a good thing in a TT).....I was happy with how I attacked some of the undulations, but the last 3km cost me at least 20 seconds...A girl passed me at about the 24-25km mark and I had her in sight for about 2km and was gaining and the big downhill she just rode away from me......damnit