Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Victorian Open Time Trial Championships 2009

I'll keep this report brief - I've got another two to do! 28kms undulating and VERY windy. I'd seen the course profile but not ridden it, so it was a shock to sitting in the 39/21 up a short climb in the first 10kms! I held myself back in the middle 16km section as I was catching a number of others and clocking around 45-48km/h with the wind to my back. The final 4kms had two hills, the final 1.5km being around 6%! I hit this section with everything and had to back it off to ensure I could at least turn the pedals across the line. Halfway up I had two riders to pass just as the local primary school kids were on the side of the road screaming at us and waving. Very cool to have them on course - not only were we competitors, we were entertainers for a short time! My three minute man (Lucas Renieis, HCC) was in my sights at 400m to go. We both rounded the final corner and sprinted to the line - got him! heh.

23rd overall from 117 entries - not bad. 2:08 down on the winner... I'd have liked that to be a lot less! Not knowing the course was a big factor and with that, and not backing myself enough to complete the full 28kms (as opposed to the 20km ITTs I've been doing) resulted in my average power being a few % down on where it should have been. Maybe 15-20 seconds could have been gained in knowing how to better pace the course and trusting that my legs would hold out for the extra distance - but not enough to claw back that two minutes to the winner! Maybe next year. :)

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